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Translated teachings of Master Patana

Your potentials are limited once you get identified with anything.

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The threads of identity weave intricate patterns. As we traverse our individual journeys, we often find ourselves getting enmeshed in these patterns. However, within this entanglement, we inadvertently cage the boundless spirit that yearns to explore new realms of potential. This discourse seeks to unravel the layers of identity and guide the seeker towards a more expansive consciousness, unshackling the chains of limited identification.

The Seeds of Identification

As a seedling takes root, it absorbs the nutrients of the soil around it. Much like this seedling, a human being is implanted into the fertile ground of culture, heritage, and societal norms. The family, the race, the country – these are the rich nutrients that feed the young sapling.

Take, for instance, a sapling planted in a pot; its growth is constrained by the confines of its container. Similarly, a child, when identified with their roots – their parents, country, culture, colors, or race, begins to build an invisible fence around them. This fence is made of conditioned beliefs, where an unconscious hierarchy of what is good and what is bad is created. An analogy for this is like being in a room with mirrors on all sides; all you see are reflections of what you are, with no window to view the endless possibilities outside.

The Ego and False Pride – Shadows of Identification

The mind, when caged within these fences, harbors the shadows of ego and false pride. Let’s imagine a majestic eagle that has been made to believe that its purpose is to be the guardian of a small hill. This eagle, proud of its role, never takes flight to see the vast mountains and valleys that lie beyond. Similarly, human pride in identification becomes a weight that keeps us from soaring. The badge of superiority that comes from pride in one’s background, achievements, or affiliations becomes the anchor that keeps the ship moored to the harbor, never sailing the open seas.

The Paradox of Achievement

Now, imagine a young, ambitious student who has been conferred an honor by a prestigious institution. Like a knight bestowed with a title, this honor can become both a gift and a curse. The student may feel validated, and this validation may become the glass ceiling of his aspirations. Take the example of a scientist, who after being honored, sees his role through the eyes of society. The certificate he holds becomes a testament to what he is – but not what he could be. He becomes a professor, a known figure in his field, but the wings of imagination and possibility are clipped. He becomes like a frog at the bottom of the well, never knowing the depth and vastness of the ocean.

Keys to Transcendence

The seeker then must ask – how does one break the chains? The key lies in awareness and a humble acknowledgment of the unknown. There is an old proverb that says, “The wise man knows that he knows nothing”. This acknowledgment is like a gentle breeze that can lift the fog of identification.

  1. Awareness: The first step is to recognize the conditioning we have undergone. Understand that your identity is just one facet of your being, not the entirety of your potential.
  2. Openness: Maintain an open mind. Just as a tree that bends with the wind is more resilient, an open mind that accommodates differing views and experiences grows richer.
  3. Continuous Learning: The day you stop learning is the day you stop growing. Engage in continuous self-improvement and expansion of your consciousness.
  4. Embracing Humility: Recognize that no matter the accolades, there is always more to achieve. Humility opens doors to greater wisdom and deeper understanding.

The Infinite Within

When the heart opens to the endless possibilities, the spirit takes its true form – which is boundless. Imagine yourself as a traveler in an infinite cosmos. Each identity you shed is like casting off the heavy garments that have burdened you, and with each layer shed, you become lighter, ready to sail with the winds of boundless potential.

The journey from identification to unshackling the infinite within is a pilgrimage of the soul. Along this path, the true seeker discovers that in the realm of the spirit, there are no fences, no anchors, only horizons waiting to be explored. To step beyond the boundaries of identification is to embrace the uncharted maps of our being. Let us then, with awareness, openness, continuous learning, and humility, find the keys that will unlock the shackles, setting the spirit free to dance with the stars.

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