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Translated teachings of Master Patana

Salika Lin Thong: The Enchanting Golden Tongued Bird Amulet of Thai Occultism

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Salika Lin Thong, which translates to “Golden Tongued Bird,” is a popular amulet and talisman in Thai occultism. It is believed to endow the wearer with the gift of eloquence and is especially favored by individuals who rely on communication in their profession or daily life.


The Salika Lin Thong’s origins are rooted in Southeast Asian folklore. It is believed to represent a mythical bird, similar to a Myna, renowned for its ability to mimic human speech. These birds are often associated with the idea of carrying messages between the heavenly realms and the earth.

In traditional Thai culture, birds often hold spiritual significance. They are believed to be messengers and symbols of freedom and transcendence. The Salika bird, in particular, is associated with melodious speech and is often depicted as a charming and elegant bird.

There are tales in Thai folklore about Salika birds being the messengers or pets of deities, which further adds to the mystical nature of these creatures. As the tales evolved, the Salika birds’ traits were imbued with magical properties, and the idea of the Salika Lin Thong amulet was born.


  1. Eloquence and Charm: One of the primary benefits of the Salika Lin Thong amulet is believed to be an enhancement in the wearer’s speech. It is said to make one’s words more convincing and melodious, akin to the enchanting songs of birds. This is particularly beneficial for individuals involved in negotiations, sales, or public speaking.
  2. Attraction and Popularity: The amulet is also believed to make the wearer more attractive and popular amongst peers. This can be beneficial in both social and professional settings.
  3. Protection: Some believers also regard the Salika Lin Thong as a protective talisman that wards off negative energies and ensures safe travels.
  4. Prosperity: It is believed to bring prosperity and success, especially in endeavors that require effective communication and negotiation skills.


  1. Wearing the Amulet: The most common way to use the Salika Lin Thong is by wearing it as an amulet around the neck. It should be treated with respect, and some people might offer daily incantations or prayers.
  2. Offerings and Prayers: The amulet may have an altar or a special place in the home where it is kept when not worn. Devotees might offer flowers, incense, or food, and recite specific mantras or prayers to invoke the amulet’s powers.
  3. Mindful Communication: It is believed that the Salika Lin Thong is most effective when the wearer also consciously works on improving their communication skills. Engaging in meaningful conversations, speaking truthfully and kindly is thought to enhance the amulet’s effects.
  4. Regular Cleansing: Some practitioners believe in regularly cleansing the amulet by exposing it to moonlight or sunlight, or using holy water. This is believed to recharge the amulet’s energies.

It is important to remember that while the Salika Lin Thong holds deep cultural and spiritual significance for some individuals, it is also part of a belief system that may not resonate with everyone. Respect and open-mindedness are key when approaching or engaging with such cultural and spiritual practices.

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