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Translated teachings of Master Patana

Why Are Temples Adorned with Consecrated Gemstones? – Boosters and Magnifiers of Thought Energy.

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Our ancestors, in their wisdom, understood far more about the energies of the cosmos than we often credit them with. When we gaze upon the sacred structures of temples, decorated with gemstones, we see not just an artistic manifestation, but a sophisticated spiritual technology.

These temples were not merely houses of worship; they were intricate machines designed to concentrate, amplify, and direct energy. Gemstones, like rubies, emeralds, and lapis lazuli, were not ornaments, but keys to unlocking and interacting with cosmic energies. They are, in a way, the crystallized breath of Mother Earth, repositories of cosmic energies captured in solid form. Each gemstone vibrates at its unique frequency, resonating with the infinite cosmos.

By incorporating these gemstones in their sacred architecture, our ancestors were creating a cosmic orchestra, harmonizing the many voices of the universe. Burying them in the ground, placing them in the statues, even embedding them in the ceilings and structures – each placement was part of a larger design, creating a network of spiritual energies.

When these gemstones are consecrated, they are brought into alignment. The harmonic vibrations created by this process turn the temple into a spiritual broadcasting station, transmitting the concentrated energies of love, compassion, courage, wisdom, and truth to all who are receptive.

But the role of these gemstones extends beyond the physical structures of the temples. They also come into play when we engage in contemplation and meditation. Thoughts, my friends, are not just intangible processes confined to our minds. They are forms of energy, each with its unique frequency.

In the sacred silence of meditation, surrounded by these consecrated gemstones, each thought you have is received by the gemstones, amplified, and magnified, like a gentle whisper turned into a powerful, resonant song. The gemstones act as spiritual boosters, magnifying your thoughts’ energy many folds, aligning your personal energies with the higher vibrations of the cosmos.

This amplified energy is then radiated back into the universe, touching everything it encounters with the essence of your intention. The energies of your thoughts, harmonized with the vibrations of the gemstones, can initiate profound changes, not only within you but also in the world around you.

Remember, you are not just a passive receiver; you are a co-creator of this energy. The harmonic vibrations create a bridge between our inner worlds and the cosmos, enabling a flow of energy that can alter realities.

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