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Translated teachings of Master Patana

Anger limits intelligence.

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A truly wise and intelligent person doesn’t get angry easily. It’s not because they are suppressing their anger or have learned to control it, but because they are mindful of the different stages of anger and prevent it from escalating.

In Western psychology, anger is often managed by controlling or suppressing it, which can be harmful in the long run. When anger is bottled up, it can turn into rage and even violence.

On the other hand, Eastern philosophy teaches us to become aware of our anger and address its root causes. By doing so, we can prevent anger from causing any problems.

Interestingly, someone who expresses their anger frequently may actually be less violent than someone who suppresses it. This is because the latter is more likely to let their anger build up and escalate into something more dangerous.

It’s important to recognize that anger is not an isolated emotion, but rather a byproduct of suppressed emotions. Without anger, there would be no violence. Love is the opposite of violence and can help us avoid anger altogether.

By understanding the progression of anger and dealing with its root causes, we can prevent it from causing harm in our lives.

Anger is a pervasive state of mind that plagues even the wisest and most intelligent individuals. It is a manifestation of unfulfilled expectations and the ego state that triggers such frustration. However, by adjusting our expectations in life and being mindful of our ego state, we can greatly reduce the frequency and intensity of our anger.

In our society, many have been conditioned to believe that anger management or suppression is the answer to dealing with anger. Yet, these methods are repressive and can lead to even more profound anger and violence if emotions are suppressed for extended periods.

Alternatively, eastern teachings encourage us to confront the roots of our anger by being aware of its causes and understanding its nature. By doing so, we can eradicate the source of our anger, freeing ourselves from the emotional turmoil that holds us back.

However, some people may express their anger more often and more openly than others. Surprisingly, these people can be less prone to violence than those who suppress their anger. This is because repressed anger can lead to the advanced state of rage, which can have disastrous consequences.

Moreover, egoism is the primary trigger for anger in those with limited intelligence. They may appear intelligent, able to express themselves eloquently and engage in analytical discussions, but their uncontrollable anger highlights their inner stupidity.

In essence, the ego state is a state of mass conditioning, a state of psychosis that dominates our thoughts, beliefs, and actions. However, wisdom is born when we begin to understand how this ego state operates, and we develop the ability to see the functioning of the ego state, its psychotic chatter, and its creation of anger and vengeance.

Therefore, the next time you experience anger, be mindful of it, and pay attention to its progression. Rather than suppress or control it, observe it without judgement or action. By doing so, you can begin to understand the futility and foolishness of the anger, leading to greater awareness, wisdom, and inner peace.

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