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Translated teachings of Master Patana

The Mystical Dance of Sounds and Frequencies: The Unveiled Secret of Our Mantras

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Within the vast canvas of the cosmos, everything resounds with the symphony of the universe. Everything you perceive, every leaf rustling in the wind, every footstep on the path of enlightenment, is humming with the cosmic tune. Among these melodies, there exists a unique set, a sequence of sound, that stands as a bridge between the self and the universe, the microcosm and the macrocosm. These are our mantras, a conscious sequence of sounds and frequencies, carrying within them a hidden secret that makes them a powerful tool of transformation.

Imagine each sound as a seed, not a physical seed, but a seed of energy. Each sound holds within it an incredible potential. When these seeds of sound are released through the human voice, they sprout into a beautiful energy that aligns us with the universe. Each syllable we chant is not just a sound, it’s an energy footprint, leaving its mark on the fabric of existence. The sequence of these syllables, is the key that unlocks the true power of our mantras.

Mantras of other traditions have their own beauty and their own purpose. They are like different flowers in the cosmic garden, each with its own fragrance. But the mantras we use have a certain quality, a hidden secret sequence, that sets them apart. They are designed with an understanding of the subtle dance between the human body, mind, and the energy of existence. Our mantras create a unique harmony that awakens and stimulates natural body responses in a way no other sound sequence can, and this is what makes them more effective.

But remember, a mantra is not just a collection of sounds, it is a living energy entity. It breathes, it resonates, it vibrates with life. The frequencies of these vibrations are essential in shaping the energy flow. Some frequencies bring tranquility, others bring focus. Through the careful tuning of these frequencies, we guide the energy flow upwards, aiding in manifestations and providing protection.

It’s a symphony of existence that we are creating with our mantras. They are not just chants, they are not just prayers, they are the music of the universe played on the instrument of the human body and soul. It’s a mystical dance of sounds and frequencies, carefully choreographed to resonate with the rhythm of existence.

In the cosmic dance, the uniqueness of our mantras lies in their sequence. It’s like a secret code, when sung with awareness and intention, unlocks the doors to higher consciousness and communion with the universe. This is the hidden secret that makes our mantras stand apart, the secret that enhances their power, making them more potent than any other.

So let the dance of sounds and frequencies reverberate within and without, aligning us with the universe, opening us to the infinite potential of existence. Let this cosmic symphony guide us on our path, leading us towards the ultimate truth.

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