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Translated teachings of Master Patana

World Events: Collective Consciousness, Collective Karma

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Many of you have questioned, in the wake of calamities, strife, and inequalities, “If rituals are potent and gods and deities are real, why can’t they alter the trajectory of world events or alleviate human suffering?” Well, let us delve into this together.

First, let us comprehend the origin of suffering. It is not the external world but our internal state, specifically our ignorance and unawareness, that make us suffer. You see, suffering is a creation of our minds, a product of our unawareness. It is a cloud that obscures the sun of our inner contentment.

Now, let’s take a glimpse into the real world. Populations are booming, even in countries ravaged by pandemics or poverty. This is an interesting phenomenon. What it reflects is not a lack of suffering, but rather an oblivion to it. Food is scarcer, land is limited, resources are strained and life becomes more expensive. The root cause of this is the escalating number of people.

You may think, “Let’s point fingers at corrupt politicians!” Yes, there are cases where political leaders contribute to the problems. But imagine a world where everything is free; would that eliminate suffering? Sadly, no. Our pains would continue to mount due to the scarcity of resources. Our planet has its limits, and as the human race, we have boundless desires, creating a perpetual tussle between what we want and what we can have.

Enter the concept of Collective Consciousness and Collective Karma. When masses of individuals with clouded minds and unawakened states come together, they collectively contribute to the woes of the world. Rich or poor, everyone thinks they are suffering. A wealthy person might suffer from the inability to satisfy infinite desires, while a poor person struggles for basic sustenance. This is because our minds are entangled in an endless web of desires.

This is not a situation where rituals can be the remedy. We cannot simply conjure a virtuous leader who will fulfill everyone’s needs. Because human desires are insatiable. Our beautiful Earth and its fragile ecosystem can only take so much.

Now, gods and deities, the celestial beings, they guide those who are spiritually in sync with them; those who help others evolve and those whose spiritual energies overflow. They do not, and cannot, meddle in collective karma. Their intervention would keep us ensnared in our unawakened state, unable to transcend our physical limitations.

There are two paths here: the collective path and the individual path.

The collective path is where people are prisoners to their desires, constantly looking outside themselves for fulfillment. They yearn for the world to change in their favor, oblivious to the fact that true change must come from within. External events are bound to happen to provide them with the experiences needed for realization.

The individual path, on the other hand, is a journey inward. It’s when one begins to understand the futility of unending desires. It’s when one takes responsibility for their own consciousness and the well-being of the world. Such individuals, even if they reside within the world shaped by collective consciousness, are unaffected by the negative currents around them. Their journey is guided by higher forces.

Our species may have reached the peak of physical evolution, but our consciousness is still maturing. The collective path is long and winding, but individually, we have the power of free will. We have the choice to awaken, to evolve, and to bring about the change within that can ultimately contribute to the transformation of the world.

So I urge you to be the torchbearers of consciousness, to pave your individual path and let it merge into a collective journey of awakening, for a world where compassion, wisdom, and inner contentment reign supreme.

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