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Translated teachings of Master Patana

The Cycle of Unconscious Manifestation: A Closer Look

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Like an unbroken chain, the cycle of unconscious manifestation carries forward, interlinking the past, present, and future in its relentless motion. It’s a process often unseen, unnoticed, and yet, it governs much of our lives.

Unconscious Seeds

The cycle of unconscious manifestation begins with the seeds we sow in the garden of our unconscious mind. These seeds are our deep-seated fears, anxieties, and desires that hide beneath the surface of our conscious awareness. Sometimes, they are fragments of unprocessed emotions or unresolved issues, other times they’re inherited beliefs and perceptions that we unknowingly absorbed from our surroundings.

These unconscious seeds are like hidden scripts, programming our behaviors, our reactions, and our thought processes, often without us even being aware of them. As we continuously water these seeds with our energy, they grow and mature, eventually bearing fruits that manifest in our physical reality.

The Unconscious Harvest

The fruits of our unconscious seeds often come as surprises. They appear in our lives as repetitive patterns, unexpected outcomes, or situations that leave us wondering, “Why does this always happen to me?”

Our relationships, our health, our career, and our overall life circumstances are the fields where these unconscious seeds bear fruit. Despite being unaware of the seeds we sowed, we find ourselves in the harvest season of our unconscious planting.

The Reinforcement Loop

The unconscious manifestation doesn’t stop at bearing fruit. Each unconscious outcome serves to reinforce and strengthen the original unconscious seed, creating a feedback loop.

When we react to these outcomes, when we feed them with more energy – whether in the form of emotional responses, judgment, or resistance – we’re essentially watering the original seed. We strengthen its roots in our unconscious mind, giving it more power to influence our reality.

This creates a self-perpetuating cycle. Our unconscious seeds bear fruit, and our reactions to these fruits feed the seeds, making them stronger. And so, the cycle continues.

Breaking the Cycle: The Awakening

Unconscious manifestation, despite its unassuming nature, is not an inescapable fate. Like waking from a dream, we possess the power to step out of the cycle. This awakening is the first step towards conscious manifestation.

This process of awakening involves becoming aware of our unconscious patterns. It involves noticing the repetitive circumstances, the recurring patterns, and tracing them back to their roots in our unconscious mind.

It’s about bringing the unconscious seeds into the light of our conscious awareness, understanding them, accepting them, and then choosing to rewrite our internal scripts.

The Journey of Transformation

Breaking the cycle of unconscious manifestation isn’t an overnight process. It’s a journey, a transformation that involves understanding, acceptance, forgiveness, and ultimately, change.

The journey begins with self-awareness – noticing our patterns, our triggers, our habitual reactions. The next step is understanding – comprehending where these patterns come from, what unconscious seeds are causing them.

Acceptance follows understanding. It’s about embracing our unconscious self without judgment, acknowledging the existence of these seeds without blaming ourselves.

The power of forgiveness is crucial in this journey. Forgiving ourselves for our unconscious manifestations and forgiving others involved is like cutting off the water supply to these unconscious seeds.

The final stage is change – consciously choosing to rewrite our scripts, to replace our unconscious seeds with conscious intentions. This stage transforms our garden, making it ready for a conscious harvest.

The Shift Towards Conscious Manifestation

As we break the cycle of unconscious manifestation and begin to consciously plant seeds in our garden, we step into our power as conscious creators. Our manifestations no longer arise from hidden scripts but from clear, conscious intentions.

Our garden, once a breeding ground for unconscious desires and fears, becomes a fertile field for our consciously chosen dreams and aspirations. And so, we shift from being unconscious actors in the play of life to conscious directors, scripting our own narratives.

The cycle of unconscious manifestation, once a binding chain, can be broken. We can step out of the unconscious dance and take the reins into our hands, consciously guiding the flow of our life. Remember, we are not mere spectators in the theater of existence; we are the playwrights, the directors, and the lead actors, capable of creating a masterpiece of our own design.

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