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Translated teachings of Master Patana

How can one harness the power of spirits to attain success?

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Master Patana teaches that the level of consciousness that one can attain and reach is a key determinant of success in life. By elevating one’s consciousness, one can become more successful. The universe is full of many different forms of spirits, each with its own level of consciousness, intelligence, and functionality. These spirits work interdependently to create harmony throughout the universe.

In addition to these spirits, there are also gemstones, crystals, rocks, and the earth itself, which are all forms of spiritual energy with varying levels of consciousness. Gemstones and crystals can act as a medium to channel the energies of higher intelligence to our subtle bodies. They can send the energies of our thoughts and receive answers from higher intelligence, working bi-directionally.

Other elemental forms like fire, wind, water, and air have a range of 2-5 units of spiritual energy. Animals have up to 7 different ranges, plants, grass, and trees up to 8 units, and humans have 9. These units of spiritual energy represent the levels of spiritual consciousness each form can penetrate. The higher the units, the more levels of dimension one can access.

When an animal or person dies, their units of frequencies expand, increasing their ability to access more dimensions. Elemental spiritual forms like water, fire, air, and earth (gemstones and crystals) are mostly used as mediums in rituals.

Ghosts, or the spirits of the dead who have attained higher spirituality, can access much higher dimensions and can give spiritual guidance, bestow fortunes, and grant wishes to the living. To receive spiritual guidance and blessings from spirits, one must request their assistance and attune to their frequencies through meditation.

Some individuals are already attuned to high entities’ frequencies at birth due to their past lives’ spiritual accomplishments. These individuals are continually watched over and blessed by the high dimensions’ spirits and entities. However, anyone can become successful by dedicating their heart and time to working harmoniously with the higher powers.

To reach the higher dimension entities, one must generate the same frequency as the dimension they seek help from. If one functions with true love and compassion, that frequency can penetrate up to the 12th dimension, where spiritual beings bestow great wisdom, fortunes, and guidance towards enlightenment. In contrast, those who function with deep selfishness and no concern for others’ well-being cannot access dimensions beyond their 3rd dimension, leading to negative karmic cycles.

Spirits like Kumantong, Luk kok, Nam Man prai, and Phra Ngan belong to different higher dimensions, each holding varying levels of spiritual wisdom. By frequently meditating and practicing merit accumulation, one can become attuned to them and receive their blessings. It is through this attunement and dedication that one can access the guidance and blessings of the spiritual realm to achieve greater success and enlightenment.

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