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Translated teachings of Master Patana

What Truly Makes Us Humans?

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Consider for a moment the uniqueness of the human experience. It is not defined merely by our biological form, for in that respect we share much in common with the animal kingdom. The blueprint of our DNA is remarkably similar to that of a chimpanzee, our closest evolutionary relative. Yet, despite this shared genetic heritage, we identify ourselves not as chimpanzees, nor any other species of the animal kingdom, but as humans. What then, is the characteristic that distinguishes us? It is not in our flesh and bone, but in the realm of the abstract that we find the essence of our humanity. It is our Consciousness and Awareness that truly sets us apart.

Consciousness allows us the capacity to transcend the simple cause-and-effect relationships that govern much of the animal kingdom. An animal might learn a trick or a behavior through conditioning – an action met with a reward, repeated until the action becomes second nature. The animal performs not for the sake of the action itself, but for the reward that follows. In contrast, our consciousness allows us to act not merely in response to external stimuli, but out of an internal, self-governed will.

This will grants us the potential for unconditional giving and sharing. To give without expectation of receiving anything in return, be it materially or emotionally, is an expression of pure consciousness. It is not a transaction, but a flow of energy that arises naturally from the wellspring of our being. The act of giving is not contingent upon a reward; it is not a calculated maneuver for gain. It is simply a manifestation of our inherent loving nature, a function of the heart rather than the intellect.

Yet, the journey to such a state of being unconditionally is not devoid of paradox. In attempting to achieve this state, we are inadvertently setting a condition upon ourselves – the condition of needing to be unconditional. This exposes an essential truth about the nature of unconditional love and giving – it cannot be contrived, nor can it be achieved through willful effort. It is not a state to be attained, but rather a state to be realized. It is a state that emerges when the intellectual mind, with its constant calculations and expectations, surrenders to the innate wisdom of the heart.

To live in this state of unconditional giving and receiving, we must allow the heart to guide us, to move us from a place of pure love and openness. This does not mean disregarding our intellect, but rather integrating the heart and the mind, allowing them to function harmoniously. The mind still plays a crucial role in our survival and navigation of the world, but it must not overshadow the wisdom of the heart.

It is this integration, this ability to operate from a place of deep consciousness and awareness, that truly encapsulates the human experience. While our biological form may connect us with the animal kingdom, our capacity for unconditional love and awareness bridges us with the realm of the divine. In acknowledging this, we come to realize that we are not merely human, but human and beyond. Our humanity is not a limitation, but a launchpad into the infinite expanse of consciousness that permeates all of creation. This is our quintessential humanity, our true nature, our ultimate destiny.

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