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Translated teachings of Master Patana

The Luminous Self: A Journey Beyond the Five Sheaths

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Today, we embark on a profound exploration of our true nature, a journey that transcends the physical, the mental, and the spiritual, to the very core of our existence. We delve into the ancient wisdom of the Upanishads, the sacred texts of Hinduism, and the concept of the five sheaths or Koshas, which provide a framework for understanding our innermost self.

The first sheath, the Anna-Maya Kosha, is the physical body, the tangible form made of skin, bone, and flesh. It is the most visible and apparent aspect of our existence. However, as we observe the body’s constant change and transformation over time, we realize that we cannot be this body. We are the unchanging witness, the observer of these changes, the knower of the body, not the body itself.

Next, we encounter the Prana-Maya Kosha, the sheath of life energy. This energy, or prana, animates our physical form, causing us to feel energetic or tired, healthy or sick. Yet, we are not this fluctuating energy. We are the constant, the unchanging observer of these energy shifts. We are the consciousness that is aware of the energy’s ebb and flow.

The third sheath, the Mano-Maya Kosha, represents our mind, our thoughts, emotions, memories, and personality. While our personality may define us in societal terms, we must understand that we are not our minds. The mind, like the body and energy, is an object of our awareness. It changes continuously, yet we, the observer, remain constant.

The fourth sheath, the Vigyan-Maya Kosha, is our intellect, the faculty of discernment and understanding. It is the intellect that processes information, makes decisions, and forms judgments. Yet, like the previous sheaths, the intellect is also an object of our awareness, subject to change and transformation. We are not the intellect; we are the unchanging witness of the intellect’s operations.

The final sheath, the Ananda-Maya Kosha, is associated with the state of deep sleep and represents a state of bliss. In deep sleep, we are unaware of the world and our body, yet there is something present, a consciousness that illuminates the absence of the intellect. However, we are not this sheath either, for it too is an object of our awareness.

Having journeyed through the five sheaths, we arrive at a profound realization. We are not the body, the energy, the mind, the intellect, or even the blissful state of deep sleep. So, what are we? We are the consciousness, the unchanging observer, the knower that illuminates these sheaths.

This consciousness is not separate from the sheaths but is the same consciousness that appears as the five sheaths. It is the self-luminous reality that illuminates everything else. It is the Atman, the spirit or soul, the essence of our being. Everything in the universe arises from this consciousness, exists in it, and dissolves back into it.

This realization is the ultimate goal of spiritual life. It is the understanding that we are not the transient and changing aspects of our existence, but the unchanging, eternal consciousness. This is the journey beyond the five sheaths, the journey to the luminous self.

May this understanding guide us on our spiritual journey, bringing us closer to the realization of our true nature, the unchanging, eternal, luminous self. Namaste.

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