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Translated teachings of Master Patana

The Ethereal Energy Tangle: Do NOT Seek Validation in Goal Pursuit or Manifestation. Never Tell Anyone or You Will Fail!

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In the mystical realm, energies are believed to envelop and emanate from all beings. As we tread the path of personal development and growth, the spiritual energies that surround us play a profound role. Interestingly, when individuals share goals or seek validation, the interplay of these energies can have spiritual repercussions, often leading to a diminishing momentum towards the goal. This article delves into the mystical aspects of this phenomenon.

The Aura of Premature Completion:

There is an unconscious part of our mind that subtly dictates how recognition from others can prompt a premature sense of achievement., in spiritual terms, this can be seen as a disruption in one’s aura. When you share your goals and receive praise, your aura may experience a surge akin to that of accomplishment. This is an unconscious aspect of the mind. This confuses your spiritual energies into thinking that the task is complete, causing them to retreat and diminish the drive needed to achieve the actual goal.

If you have a goal you want to achieve or manifest, keep it silent to yourself, you don’t need validations. Only seek feedback that is constructive and can actually help you in your journey.

Even when you’re walking your spiritual path and you have some enlightening moments or feel new positive energies, or discover hidden psychic talents or inner wisdom, take care not to shout it from the rooftops. Hold off on teaching others, and keep your revelations quiet, for your journey is far from complete, and there is much more to explore and attain. If your heart urges you to uplift fellow seekers, share words of inspiration, but let them be like gentle whispers in the wind, allowing others to embark on their own paths of discovery. Refrain from laying bare the treasures of your spiritual achievements.

Should your newfound abilities allow you to extend a helping hand to others, let your deeds be silent gifts. Seek not the applause or approval of the world, for in the echoes of praises, the precious energy that you have harnessed may dissipate. Even if you have been blessed with an amulet that has shifted the currents of your life, guard its secret closely. In silence and humility, the energies remain potent and the tapestry of your spiritual ascent continues to be woven.

The Spiritual Energy Drain:

  1. Distorted Chakras: The chakras, or energy centers within our bodies, can be distorted when we seek external validation. For instance, the Manipura chakra, associated with willpower and action, may become unbalanced, leading to decreased motivation.

  2. Psychic Vampirism: In the realm of mysticism, sharing your goals and seeking validation can sometimes open you up to psychic vampirism, where others unconsciously sap the energies that you should be utilizing to fulfill your aspirations. This leaves you depleted and less motivated.

  3. Karmic Imprints: By continually seeking external validation, you may be imprinting a karmic pattern that keeps you reliant on others for fulfillment. This pattern can perpetuate through different facets of your life, making it difficult to find internal satisfaction.

Navigating the Ethereal Energies:

  1. Spiritual Shielding: Before sharing your goals, engage in spiritual shielding through visualization, affirmations, or carrying protective crystals. This can help in protecting your energies from being diminished or confused.

  2. Cultivating Inner Harmony: Focus on aligning your chakras through meditation, yoga, or other spiritual practices. An aligned chakra system helps in maintaining the drive and focus necessary for achieving your goals.

  3. Channeling Universal Energies: Rather than seeking validation from others, seek it from the universe. Engage in practices that connect you to the universal energies, such as prayer or spending time in nature. This connection can empower you and create a positive flow of energies towards your goal.

  4. Soul Contracts: Consider the mystical idea that before incarnation, your soul made contracts on what it aimed to learn in this life. Reflect on how seeking external validation fits into your soul’s journey. Work towards aligning your goals with your soul’s purpose.

The Unconscious Aspect of the Mind.

  1. Constant Comparison: Seeking validation often entails constantly comparing oneself to others. This comparison can be exhausting and even paralyzing if one feels they are falling behind or not living up to expectations. This uses up mental resources that could be better invested in working towards the goal itself.

  2. Maintaining an Image: Once an individual has shared a goal, there is often pressure to maintain an image. The energy that goes into portraying oneself in a certain light can detract from the energy available for the pursuit of the actual goal.

  3. Handling Feedback: While some feedback can be constructive, handling varying opinions and judgments can be mentally draining. Energy is expended in processing this information, sometimes leading to confusion and diverting focus from the goal.

Strategies to Counter the Energy Drain: Awareness Is Needed.

  1. Keep Your Cards Close: Consider keeping your goals to yourself or only sharing them with a very select few. This ensures that you’re not giving away your motivational energy in seeking validation.

  2. Seek Internal Validation: Work on building internal validation by setting smaller milestones and celebrating when you reach them. This can help in maintaining motivation without external input.

  3. Constructive Feedback: If you do decide to share your goals, be strategic about whom you share them with. Seek feedback that is constructive and can actually help you in your journey.

  4. Energy Management: Be mindful of where your energy is going. Consciously allocate your resources to activities that contribute positively to your goal.

Imagine your spiritual energy as a sacred, ancient well deep within a mystical forest. This well is the source of pure, magical water that has the power to nourish a sacred garden you are tasked to cultivate. Your goals are akin to the exotic plants and trees you aspire to grow in this garden.

Seeking validation from others is like inviting them to visit your sacred well. While some come with good intentions and enrich your well with their own magical waters, others unintentionally or knowingly draw water from it. This can result in the well’s water levels depleting. The more you invite others to validate your gardening plans and to see your well, the less water you have left for your own garden.

Moreover, with every visitor, the path to the well becomes more prominent, making it easier for others to find. The well’s magic could also get diluted if those who are visiting bring ordinary water or elements that don’t resonate with your garden’s unique needs.

By selectively and cautiously sharing your intentions, and by focusing on connecting with the pure source of the water, you ensure that your well remains abundant. Through meditation, spiritual shielding, and aligning your energies, you can keep the pathway to the well hidden, allowing only those who can truly enrich your quest to reach it.

In this analogy, the sacred well represents your inner reservoir of spiritual energy, the garden symbolizes your goals, and the visitors represent the external validation and influence. Tending to the well and the garden with care and discernment allows you to cultivate a magical space that is true to your soul’s purpose.

In the spiritual sense, the energy that surrounds our path to goal fulfillment is deeply influenced by the intentions and interactions we have with the external world. By being mindful of the ethereal energies and engaging in practices that safeguard and align them, individuals can navigate the mystical tangle that often arises from seeking validation, thus fostering a more harmonious and purposeful pursuit of their goals.

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