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Translated teachings of Master Patana

The Secrets to Becoming Ultra Successful. Alchemy of the Heart. Metta Magic.

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Success is a concept that has been interpreted in countless ways, but one interpretation that often goes overlooked is the role of spiritual energy. It’s a concept that might seem abstract, but it’s as real as the air we breathe. It’s all about how much spiritual energy you have at your disposal, the balance of this energy, and your overall spiritual well-being.

When we talk about spiritual energy, we’re talking about a force that exists within every individual. It’s an energy that can be channeled towards achieving our goals, and the clarity of our minds is often dependent on the level of this spiritual energy. When we’re mentally disturbed or when our energies of love are repressed, our spiritual energy capacity shrinks. This leads to a low spiritual consciousness, clouding our minds and hindering our ability to succeed.

Understanding this fundamental aspect of our nature is crucial. Have you ever wondered how some people become ultra-rich? It’s not just about their business acumen or their financial strategies. It’s about the amount of spiritual energy required to do what they do. The organization, planning, and concentration involved in their work require a significant amount of spiritual energy.

When one has a large capacity of spiritual energy, it creates a sort of magnetism. It’s not just about the wealth they’ve accumulated; their spiritual energy works in a way that draws more positive energies and attention to them.

Before you set your next goal or resolution, consider your spiritual energy capacity. It’s like building up muscles in the gym. If your capacity is small, the amount of spiritual energy you can contain will be limited.

Now, here’s a secret alchemy that is seldom shared: expanding your spiritual energy capacity is akin to going to the gym. Just as we strain and tear our muscles to allow for new, stronger ones to grow, we can strain our mental and emotional states to expand our spiritual energy capacity.

The Heart Chakra, a central point of spiritual energy in our bodies, has a magical process. When we meditate and absorb the miseries and sufferings of others, the Heart Chakra takes in this energy and transforms the negative into positive for ourselves and others. This is the process of Metta Meditation in Buddhism.

The ancient scriptures understood this alchemy of the heart. It’s a God-given gift to all of us, but many of us don’t know how to use it because we’re more interested in outward material pursuits. We often seek outward, not inward. But when we move any negative feelings to the heart, the energy transforms instantly.

So, when you feel insulted, embarrassed, or emotionally attacked by someone else, instead of getting angry or fighting back, consciously accept and absorb those energies and guide those feelings to your heart. Just hand it to our Heart Chakra, it will take care of everything. This act expands the capacity of our spiritual energies. In Buddhism, we even thank our enemies for giving us the opportunity to expand our spiritual energy capacity. It’s a perspective that might seem counterintuitive, but it’s a powerful one. It’s about seeing every challenge, every negative experience, as an opportunity for growth and expansion.

An Analogy: The story of KongMing, also known as Zhuge Liang, capturing arrows from his enemies with boats filled with straw is a perfect analogy for the concept of expanding spiritual energy capacity.

In the historical tale from the “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”, KongMing, a brilliant strategist, was tasked with producing 100,000 arrows in three days, a seemingly impossible task. He devised a clever plan where he sent out boats filled with straw dummies in the early morning fog. His enemies, seeing the shadowy figures in the fog, unleashed a barrage of arrows, which then got stuck in the straw dummies. KongMing was able to retrieve all the arrows he needed without engaging in direct combat.

This story parallels the concept of expanding spiritual energy capacity in several ways. Just as KongMing used the straw boats to capture the arrows, we can use our Heart Chakra to capture and transform negative energies. The arrows represent the negative energies or challenges we face in life. Instead of meeting these challenges with resistance or aggression, we can absorb them, just like the straw dummies did with the arrows.

Moreover, KongMing’s strategy required a deep understanding of his enemies and the environment, just as expanding our spiritual energy requires a deep understanding of ourselves and our emotions. KongMing didn’t fight against the current; he used it to his advantage. Similarly, we shouldn’t fight against our negative emotions or experiences; we should use them to fuel our spiritual growth.

Finally, KongMing’s strategy resulted in an abundance of arrows, more than enough to meet his needs. Similarly, when we expand our spiritual energy capacity, we end up with an abundance of energy, more than enough to achieve our goals and aspirations.

When the capacity is expanded at the Heart, the heart becomes a stronger factory, drawing more spiritual energies and increasing its ability to project. More energies can be drawn to this pool, and with conscious intent, the spiritual energy can be guided to the 3rd-eye more easily for projection or manifestation. When your spiritual energy capacity is expanded, you’ll find that you’re able to draw more energy to yourself. You’ll find that you’re able to project this energy more easily, and that you have more “ammunition” for achieving your goals.

When our capacity is expanded, we find ourselves becoming more spiritually conscious, more aware. We’re able to focus better, our minds become more creative, and our spiritual connection with the divine gets clearer.

The key is to expand the “Capacity” of our spiritual energies. It’s about expanding the size it can hold. It’s about understanding that success isn’t just about material wealth or outward achievements. It’s about the spiritual energy within us, and how we harness and expand it.

So, the next time you’re setting a goal or striving for success, remember to consider your spiritual energy first. It’s not just about the physical effort or the mental strategies. It’s about the spiritual energy you have at your disposal, and how you’re using it.

Think about it like a reservoir. If your reservoir is small, it can only hold so much water. But if you expand the reservoir, it can hold much more. The same applies to your spiritual energy. If your capacity is small, you can only hold so much energy. But if you expand your capacity, you can hold and channel much more energy towards your goals.

This expansion isn’t something that happens overnight. It’s a process, much like going to the gym and building up your muscles. It requires consistent effort. But the rewards are worth it.

When you expand your spiritual energy capacity, you’re not just improving your chances of success. You’re improving your mental clarity, your emotional well-being, and your overall quality of life. You’re becoming more spiritually conscious and aware, and you’re strengthening your connection with the divine.

But it’s not just about meditation. It’s about consciously guiding negative energy to your Heart Chakra. When you feel insulted, embarrassed, or attacked, instead of reacting with anger or defensiveness, absorb those energies and guide them to your heart. This act of conscious transformation expands your spiritual energy capacity.

So, as you strive for success, remember to consider your spiritual energy. Remember to expand your capacity, to harness your energy, and to channel it towards your goals. Remember that success is all about how much spiritual energy you have at your disposal, and how well you’re able to balance and use it.

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