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Translated teachings of Master Patana

“I’m not greedy, I just want to solve my problems.”

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Title: “I’m not being greedy, I just want to sort out my troubles.”

One of the followers approached, seeking wisdom:

“I’ve lost a huge amount of cash, my savings of $300,000 gone due to scams and businesses that failed. This was money that I worked hard for. I need a ritual to help me recover this money, just like you helped me before when I was broke. I’m not greedy, I just need to fix my problems. Once I am back on my feet financially, I plan to assist others. Please, I need your help!”

Master Patana’s response:

Firstly, understand that all this happened because of greed initially, but don’t worry, being greedy isn’t inherently bad. The real danger is when someone fails to acknowledge that they are indeed driven by greed. If one is unaware of their own greed, it simply means they’re still asleep to their true selves, and how can anything good come from that? Unseen greed is a serious threat, it mirrors an endless dissatisfaction.

When you were broke, you came to me, claiming you weren’t greedy, you only wanted to get out of your difficult situation, and I provided for you. You got a car, a house and managed to save quite a lot. But then, comfort and greed crept in. Greed has a way of fogging up one’s mind, preventing clear thought. Greed often leads to shortcuts without proper examination, all in a bid to fulfill an intense desire.

Being without greed implies renouncing all worldly things. There’s always some form of greed, don’t try to present yourself as being above it all. Desiring to possess or acquire more is a form of greed. Even the pursuit of higher spiritual growth is a type of greed. But, with greed comes mental confusion.

It’s important to realize and accept that greed is within us all. Remember, there’s nothing inherently wrong with greed. It’s not a matter of right or wrong. I want you to acknowledge it. There’s nothing shameful about it, only when you deny its role in your pursuit for help does it become ugly.

You had $300,000 and wanted more, leading to you falling for scams. You also lost some money in failed businesses. All this happened because you grew too comfortable and took shortcuts out of greed. Greed and fear have clouded your judgement, and it’s crucial that you become aware of this.

If you stay in this state of deep unawareness, more failures, losses, and scams are likely to befall you. Your current unconscious state makes you an easy target for more scams. You might easily fall prey to individuals claiming to be spiritual masters, who promise to assist you. They’ll probably ask for a hefty sum for their so-called remedies, and only later will you realize you’ve been duped yet again. Given your current state of mind, you’re a prime target for various types of scams.

Your constant craving for material wealth and money indicates a profound emptiness within your soul. Now is probably the best time to look within yourself, given that you’ve experienced both poverty and wealth, the two extremes. Use this contrast to turn inward and discover what’s really missing.

Another ritual won’t make your life any better.

Remember, you’ve lost monetary assets, but you’ve not lost everything. You still have your possessions and most importantly, your life. The wealth you lost was something you didn’t have initially, and you managed to acquire it once, which means you can do it again. Instead of spending a significant amount of time stewing over your losses, channel that energy into acquiring new knowledge to rebuild your wealth. It’s not productive to dwell on past mistakes or misfortunes. Instead, use this as a learning experience and focus your efforts on gaining new skills, insights, and knowledge that can be applied to create new wealth and opportunities. This shift in mindset not only helps to conserve your energy but also propels you towards a more productive and profitable future.

However, this time, instead of focusing solely on material wealth, look within. Find what’s truly missing from your life, what’s causing this deep emptiness. This is not about another ritual, it’s about self-discovery and spiritual growth.

When you initially approached me, you were a much happier person despite having nothing. After gaining wealth, you started to worry more and strived to accumulate even more, seemingly unable to find satisfaction with what you had. This strongly suggests an internal void that you’re trying to fill with material possessions. It’s essential for you to understand that such a void can’t be filled with material things.

The rituals I performed for you worked in the past, but I can’t repeat them. Doing so might cause more harm than good. The true remedy lies in you gaining a deeper understanding of yourself and seeking spiritual guidance to navigate your way out of this problem.

In my view, you’re not really facing a problem. You started off with nothing and managed to acquire a lot. Now, even though you’ve lost a substantial amount of your earnings, you still have your home and your car. You’re still here, alive and capable of change. The most crucial task at hand is to gain self-awareness. With this awareness, you’ll soon be able to steer your way out of this predicament.

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