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Translated teachings of Master Patana

Eat Less Meat For Better Luck. Here’s why.

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Ingesting food is a sacred act, for the food we eat becomes the flesh and blood that forms our body, organs, nerves, and brain. It is through the food that we ingest that we take in the memories and emotions of the animals we consume. The cells of the animal carry the imprints of their experiences, their emotional states, and the way in which their cells were formed. This means that the food we eat becomes like software for our body, shaping who we are on a physical and emotional level.

As the food we eat turns into our flesh and blood, the memories and DNA of the animals we consume can impact our nervous system, and ultimately our brain functionality. Yet, our body is intelligent, and over time it adapts to this process. The impacts of this process on our brain may go unnoticed, just as taking drugs or alcohol can impair our cognitive and judgment without our conscious awareness.

In Buddhism, the spirit is said to be in the heart, which is the same as saying that the spirit is in the blood, as the heart pumps the blood. It is a vital life source that we must nurture and respect. Water is a crucial element in rituals, as it is water that makes our blood. Red drinks are often seen as offerings in Thai Buddhism, symbolizing the sacredness of blood.

To experience good luck, wealth, and success, we must raise our consciousness. Our physical state is intimately connected to our emotional and mental state, which in turn affect the outcomes we experience in life. 50% of our karma stems from our conscious actions, while the other half is the result of past lives and past actions.

Eating meat is not inherently wrong or sinful, but it is important to be conscious of the impact it has on our body and mind. Some spiritually conscious individuals are meat-eaters, but they meditate often and are aware of the subtle changes in their nervous system during the process of turning food into flesh and blood.

For those who seek to become vegetarians, starting with avoiding meat of mammals can be a helpful first step. The emotional states and intelligence of higher evolved animals like cows and pigs are higher, and their imprints are contained throughout their entire body and blood. Even when well-cooked, the spirit of the animal remains strong within the blood. By eating lesser meats, we can raise our consciousness and improve our overall body function, leading to better luck and wealth.

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