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Translated teachings of Master Patana

The Dangers of False Prophets: A Call for Authentic Spirituality

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In the vast landscape of human spirituality, there exists a paradoxical phenomenon that often goes unnoticed: the presence of priests, monks, and religious leaders who, under the guise of religion, propagate messages that are far from the essence of true spirituality. This article aims to shed light on this issue and emphasize the importance of personal spiritual growth over blind adherence to religious dogma.

True spirituality is not about power, changing the external world, or molding others to fit our expectations. It is about self-awareness, self-transformation, and the pursuit of a better version of ourselves. It is about using tools such as mantras, amulets, or rituals to enhance our personal experiences and deepen our understanding of our own existence.

However, not all religious leaders embody these principles. Many are driven by negative emotions such as violence, anger, hatred, greed, intolerance, and jealousy. They use their positions to fight against nature and create division, keeping their followers in a state of spiritual slumber under the guise of religious teachings. They instill fear, breed hatred, and incite violence, all while preaching about morality and values.

These leaders often use religious symbols, such as Buddha statues, to present themselves as spiritual guides. However, their teachings often spread fear and discrimination, subtly influencing the unconscious minds of their followers. This is particularly dangerous for those who are not aware of the manipulation, leading them to become imprisoned in their own minds, identifying themselves solely with a particular religion.

The irony is that many revered spiritual figures, such as Buddha, Jesus, and Muhammad, did not identify with a specific religion. They preached universal truths and love for all humanity. However, over time, their teachings have been distorted by those seeking power and control, leading to the creation of religious divisions and ongoing conflicts among Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, and followers of other religions.

These divisions have led to a supremacy battle over who is right or wrong, a battle that has raged for centuries and shows no sign of resolution. Millions of people are imprisoned by these beliefs, never discovering the truth of their own spiritual nature.

The path to liberation lies in experiencing our own truth. It involves internalizing teachings, self-inquiry, and experimentation. It is not about blindly accepting what we are told, but about experiencing and understanding for ourselves.

For instance, if someone tells you that a chili is spicy, you can accept that knowledge. But it only becomes wisdom, a truth to you, when you taste the chili for yourself. This is the essence of true religiousness.

It is crucial to be aware of the dangers of false religious leaders and the divisions they create. True spirituality is about personal growth and self-awareness, not about power or control. It is about experiencing our own truths and transforming ourselves, not about blindly following dogma. Let us strive for this authentic spirituality, for it is the path to true liberation and peace.

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