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Translated teachings of Master Patana

The Reason Why You Are Not Manifesting: The Power and Understanding of Pran or Qi

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The understanding of manifestation and the energy of creation in Western concepts, such as the Law of Attraction, often leaves out a significant element. This missing piece relates to the idea of accumulated energy, often referred to in spiritual terms as ‘prana’ or ‘qi’. Stemming primarily from our sexual energy, this primal force is fundamental to all energy forms and accumulates at our root chakra. Unearthing and directing this energy consciously is integral to successful manifestation. So why are some people unsuccessful in their attempts at manifestation? It’s usually because they’re neglecting this energy, leaving it to operate unconsciously, thereby manifesting their unconscious desires rather than conscious goals.

The Accumulation and Direction of Energy

The energy within us is accumulated through the food we eat and the stimuli we receive from our five senses. Certain foods, particularly those that impact our nervous system, can notably affect this energy’s accumulation. However, the key isn’t merely about replenishing this energy; it’s also about carefully observing where we are channeling this energy. When energy levels are low or when energy remains stagnant at the root chakra, our minds function in an unconscious mode. As a result, actions and thoughts are driven predominantly by desires rather than conscious intention.

As the energy ascends towards the heart chakra or higher, it starts to awaken. This awakened energy transforms into a conscious driving force that guides our thoughts and manifestations. It is only when we direct this energy upwards to our mind’s realm that it aligns with our conscious intentions.

The Power of the Third Eye

When this energy is directed towards the head and concentrated at the third-eye chakra, remarkable things can happen. The third-eye chakra, located between the eyebrows, is traditionally associated with intuition, wisdom, and the ability to see beyond ordinary perception. It becomes an influential tool for manifesting our deepest desires.

At its peak, we can project this energy outward simply by focusing on our third-eye or even through our eyes. There’s a reason why the gaze is often depicted as powerful in spiritual traditions. Concentrated energy can be so potent that it’s said the eyes can emit formidable energies, capable of capturing and captivating anyone’s attention.

Higher Realms, Wisdom, and Amulets

When the energy is directed towards the third-eye, it also acts as a receptor of higher wisdom and guidance. This understanding is where the significance of spiritual tools, such as amulets, comes into play.

Amulets are more than mere objects; they’re conduits of spiritual energy. By meditating and directing our energy upwards, we can align our minds with the spiritual entities associated with our chosen amulet. This alignment opens us up to receive spiritual wisdom and guidance, illuminating the path towards our desired goals.

The success or failure of manifestation is intrinsically tied to our understanding and management of our internal energy. To truly manifest our conscious desires, we must be mindful of our energy sources, the food we consume, and the stimuli we subject our senses to. By consciously directing this energy upwards, transforming unconscious desires into conscious manifestations, we can unlock our innate ability to manifest what we genuinely desire. So, if you’ve been struggling to manifest your dreams, consider the flow of your prana or qi. It could just be the missing piece you’ve been seeking.

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