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Translated teachings of Master Patana

Unconscious Intent and the Power of Directed Energy

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One aspect that often eludes our awareness is that our energies are powerfully directed towards our unconscious intents. Much like forcing water through a narrow nozzle, (reminiscent of a high-pressure water jet; when the water is left to flow freely, it’s gentle, but when focused and forced through a narrow exit, it becomes powerful enough to cut through even a diamond.) we channel our energies towards our deepest fears, anger, and resentment. Consequently, this manifests in more negative events and individuals in our lives, fostering a cyclical pattern of similar occurrences.

Ironically, we inadvertently breathe life into these negative thoughts and states of mind without realizing it. Yes, we gave these negative thoughts life simply by our intent! When fueled by intense fear, anger, or hatred, our energies become intricately woven into these states of mind. Our minds possess the ability to solidify imaginations by directing intense energy towards them. For instance, if we form an intense thought about our enemies—imaging their characteristics, behaviors, or actions—these thoughts are imbued with energy, and they solidify into tangible outcomes.

Wherever our intense thoughts lead us, energy is directed towards that path. For example, if we choose to channel our energy towards reconciling with our enemies, the probability of that event transpiring increases. Similarly, if we consciously decide to divert our energies away from negative thoughts or fears, we effectively strip them of their power. Over time, these unwanted occurrences will cease to manifest.

However, a shift in energy direction doesn’t instantaneously translate to an immediate change in circumstances. This inertia can be attributed to the concept of momentum. Drawing from the physical world analogy, when a ball is pushed, the energy directed towards it doesn’t cease instantly when the pushing force is removed. Instead, it continues to roll some distance before coming to a complete stop—this is momentum. The same principle applies to the energies of our thoughts.

It’s essential to remain mindful of this momentum, especially when we unconsciously sustain it by supplying our thoughts with additional energy. Much like a gently nudged ball continuing its roll, our thought patterns will maintain their course if we inadvertently fuel them. Thus, continuous awareness and mindfulness are key to managing our mental energies effectively.

Often, it takes approximately two weeks to two months for certain unwanted events to shift, depending largely on the amount and intensity of energy previously directed towards them. If the initial energy output was intense, the momentum might persist longer.

Herein lies the profound importance of awareness. Being aware of our thoughts, fears, and intents helps us understand the direction of our energy. But more than that, it helps us understand the futility of directing energy towards certain negative or destructive thought patterns. These thoughts and fears often stem from irrational or exaggerated concerns, rooted more in speculation than reality.

By acknowledging the futility of such thoughts, we can begin to break their hold on us. We can start to withdraw our energy from these destructive patterns and channel it towards more constructive and positive outcomes. Awareness is the first step in this process. It’s about recognizing the patterns and understanding their impact. But it’s also about choosing to take control, to redirect our energies consciously.

In the quiet reflection of our minds, we can identify the unconscious intents that are driving our energies in undesired directions. We can understand the counterproductive nature of these intents and, in turn, shift our energies towards more beneficial and positive outcomes.

In conclusion, understanding and consciously directing our thoughts and energy towards desired outcomes can have a profound impact on our lives. The power of the mind is immense; if harnessed effectively, it can create realities that transcend the ordinary. So, let’s strive to become conscious pilots of our thoughts and energies, using them to chart a course that aligns with our deepest desires and most cherished dreams. In this way, we will cease to be mere observers of our realities and become active creators, steering our lives towards a better future.

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