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Translated teachings of Master Patana

Awakening the Mind: The Evolutionary Shift from Instinct to Consciousness

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The human journey through evolution has been fascinatingly complex. From the basic single-celled organisms to the complicated homo sapiens, the tapestry of life has been a series of intricate and elaborate developments. Recently, a new element has entered the arena of evolution – Consciousness. It’s the mental character that separates us from our animal brethren, making us capable of introspection, self-awareness, and deliberate action.

With consciousness, humans are thought to have reached the pinnacle of physical evolution. Unlike other creatures, we no longer evolve purely through physical means; our evolution has taken a more abstract turn. Our growth as a species now relies largely on our capacity to learn, understand, and create. This shift is not without challenges. In many ways, we are still acclimating to this new state of existence, grappling with the mental and emotional complexities it presents.

Consciousness, however, is more than a tool for survival; it is a pathway to evolution itself. It enables us to observe our primal instincts at work, allowing us to surpass our animalistic tendencies. Through conscious awareness, we can identify the residual vestiges of our more primal selves, allowing us to develop further as a species. It provides a mechanism for us to understand and transcend our instinctual behaviours, fostering a growth in compassion and empathy.

The emotional tensions we often find ourselves in serve as a mirror for our internal struggles, highlighting our evolutionary battles. These emotions provide an opportunity for growth, for they force us to confront our conditioned responses. When we find ourselves in a state of emotional turmoil, it is a call to become conscious of the root of our feelings, to dissect them, and understand what triggers them.

This new perspective on our emotional turmoil can act as a catalyst for change. By consciously witnessing our emotions, we begin to understand their origin, thereby shedding light on the mechanical and instinctive functioning that exists within us. In doing so, we can start to unravel the conditioned responses that are at the root of these tensions.

There is no doubt that the path to conscious evolution is not an easy one. It demands a great deal of introspection, self-awareness, and the courage to face one’s deepest fears and desires. Yet, it is through this journey that we can truly evolve beyond our animalistic origins, opening up to a new era of human evolution that extends beyond the physical, into the realm of consciousness.

In the grand scheme of human evolution, consciousness is still in its infancy. Yet, as we continue to grow and adapt to this new state of existence, we are witnessing a transformation in how we perceive ourselves and the world around us. We are no longer purely instinctive beings, guided solely by biological imperatives. Instead, we have become conscious entities, capable of introspection, empathy, and deliberate action.

Hence, with consciousness, fate and destiny are in our own hands. Animals’ fate are destined.

The field of evolution has now expanded to include consciousness, marking a new chapter in our evolutionary story. This development promises to be every bit as profound and revolutionary as our shift from single-celled organisms to complex life forms. As we continue to explore and understand this new realm of conscious evolution, the possibilities for our species are endless.

Indeed, consciousness and awareness could be the new frontier of human evolution, holding the key to our future growth and development. This evolution is not merely about physical adaptation but about understanding and managing our internal worlds – our thoughts, emotions, and motivations. Conscious evolution is about harnessing our awareness to influence our destiny, fostering an evolution that is not merely reactive but proactive, a step towards an enlightened and advanced human civilization.

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