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Translated teachings of Master Patana

The Quest for True Spirituality: A Journey Beyond Manifestations and Magical Powers

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Despite the allure and mystical fascination associated with the acquisition of spiritual powers and the capacity for manifestation, they should not be misconstrued as indicators of true spirituality. Even individuals who have attained these powers can still be distant from the essence of spiritual enlightenment. Only a select few masters, adept in the intricate dynamics of ritualistic magic, reach the pinnacle of spirituality and enlightenment.

In the realms of spirituality, the ultimate attainment is not power or manifestation but a profound state of ‘nothingness.’ It is this state of ‘nothingness’ that underlies true spirituality, encapsulating the ultimate act of letting go and detachment from worldly desires and material possessions. On the contrary, the abilities of manifestations and spiritual powers are still fundamentally desire-driven and not indicative of genuine spirituality.

Now, to understand the allure of spiritual powers and why they are not indicative of genuine spirituality, let’s delve into the realm of spiritual magic and manifestation. Many individuals embark on their spiritual journey with the intent to acquire these magical abilities. Yet, while these abilities can indeed be fascinating, they are fundamentally desire-driven, echoing the yearning for control, power, and recognition. This approach to spirituality can be likened to a moth drawn to a flame. The moth, enticed by the flame’s enchanting glow, loses sight of its path and eventually perishes in the flame.

There’s an ancient parable that effectively illustrates this notion: A man once found a magical stone that could fulfill any desire. He wished for wealth, and it was granted. He wished for power, and it was granted. He wished for recognition, and it was granted. Soon, he began to perceive himself as a god. Yet, the more he wished, the more discontented he became. He had everything, yet he felt empty. Eventually, he wished for happiness, but the stone remained silent. The man, engulfed in despair, realized that true happiness lies not in possession but in detachment.

Being mindful and clear is a pivotal aspect when practicing spiritual magic or manifestation. Some individuals, upon achieving minor successes in their manifestation endeavors, may begin to perceive themselves as deities. This mindset is akin to a person climbing a hill and, upon reaching the top, mistakenly believing that they’ve scaled the highest mountain. The hill’s summit offers them an unobstructed view of their surroundings, making them feel superior. Yet, they remain oblivious to the towering mountains concealed by the clouds beyond their line of sight.

The human mind, driven by ego, often misunderstands the ability to perform magical feats as the peak of spirituality. A fascinating story that illustrates this pitfall revolves around a spiritual master known for his magical abilities. His feats attracted many disciples who saw him as a deity. Dressed in his monk’s robes, the master reveled in his perceived divinity. However, one day, an enlightened sage visited the master. The sage, unimpressed by the master’s feats, pointed out that the master was still chained by his ego and desires. The master, stunned by the sage’s insight, embarked on a quest for true spiritual enlightenment.

Only an enlightened master, equipped with profound wisdom, can seamlessly integrate magic and spirituality to aid in the evolution of their disciples’ minds. This concept can be visualized as a master gardener who understands how to blend sunlight (representing magic) and water (symbolizing spirituality) to nurture and grow a plant (the disciple). If a gardener provides only sunlight without water, the plant will wilt and eventually die.

It is essential for spiritual seekers to understand that manifestations and spiritual powers are not the ultimate goals. Achieving certain feats of manifestation can feel similar to conquering a fortress. While it’s undoubtedly a commendable accomplishment, it isn’t the end of the journey. The true destination lies far beyond.

In the vast canvas of spirituality, the inward journey towards enlightenment is a meandering path through the dense forest of self-awareness and inner growth. In contrast, manifestations, magic, and rituals represent the external path—the well-trodden path around the forest’s periphery. True spirituality calls for an exploration of the forest’s heart, the place where the noise of the external world fades, and the soul’s silent whisper becomes audible.

A final analogy can be drawn from the tale of a pearl diver. The diver, representing the spiritual seeker, plunges into the ocean (the inner self) in search of pearls (enlightenment). Along the way, they may come across beautiful corals and exotic sea creatures (manifestations and magical powers). While these sights are undoubtedly captivating, the diver must remember that their true goal lies deeper. They must resist the allure of these distractions and delve deeper, for only at the ocean’s depths do the most precious pearls reside.

It is crucial for those on the path of spirituality to discern between the alluring gleam of spiritual powers and the true essence of spirituality. While spiritual powers and manifestations may serve as milestones and learning tools on the journey, they are not the destination. True spiritual enlightenment is about reaching the state of ultimate nothingness—it’s about letting go, detachment, and the ability to embrace the void. This challenging yet transformative journey paves the way for genuine spiritual growth and understanding, leading seekers away from the distractions of ego-driven manifestations and towards the light of authentic spiritual enlightenment.

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