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Translated teachings of Master Patana

Transcending Negative Energies and Black Magic Through Spiritual Elevation: The Power of Energy Polarity

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In a world where negativity and malice sometimes feel overwhelming, it is crucial to understand the inherent power within us to elevate and protect our spiritual being. Often, individuals focus on battling the negative energies or black magic that they feel are directed towards them. However, the essence of true protection lies not in the battle but in the elevation of one’s spiritual energies and the subsequent transformation of energy polarity. This article delves into the understanding that by raising our spiritual energies and shifting the polarity of these energies, we inadvertently create an unassailable fortress of protection. This process, akin to the law of attraction where like energies attract like, ensures that the surrounding positivity takes care of the rest.

Understanding Energy Polarity

Energies, whether spiritual, emotional, or physical, possess inherent polarities. These polarities, akin to the positive and negative ends of a magnet, are influenced by various factors, including our emotional state, thoughts, actions, and environment. The flow of energy within our being shifts according to these polarities. When one is engrossed in negativity, the energy takes on a downward trajectory, often manifesting as anxiety, depression, or even making us more susceptible to external negative influences such as black magic.

Conversely, when one cultivates positivity, the energy ascends, concentrating around the heart chakra. This upward movement builds a reservoir of positive energy that emanates outward, creating a natural shield against negativity and malicious intentions.

The Nature of Negative Energies and Black Magic

Negative energies and black magic thrive on the lower vibrations associated with fear, anger, hatred, and other negative emotions. Black magic, in particular, is an external force that manipulates these lower vibrations to affect an individual’s life negatively. Engaging in a constant battle with these forces not only consumes an immense amount of energy but also keeps one’s focus on the very negativity they seek to avoid, inadvertently feeding it.

The Power of Elevation

Elevating one’s spiritual energies involves raising the frequency at which these energies operate. Higher frequencies are synonymous with love, compassion, gratitude, and joy. When our energies operate at these frequencies, they naturally repel lower vibrations.

As one elevates their energy, the immediate environment begins to change. The emanating positive energy influences the surroundings and the people within it. This creates a ripple effect, where the positivity is not only protective for the individual but also fosters a conducive environment for the collective.

The Analogy of Like Energies Attracting Like

This concept can be likened to the law of attraction, where energies of similar frequencies are drawn towards each other. When one’s spiritual energy is elevated, it’s akin to a bright light that repels darkness. Lower vibrational energies, including negative intentions from others or black magic, find it difficult to penetrate this light.

The Effortless Shield

The secret to protection against negative energies and black magic lies not in direct confrontation but in the effortless shield created through the elevation of one’s spiritual energies. As we elevate and change the polarity of our energies through positive thoughts, emotions, and actions, we become beacons of light, naturally repelling the darkness that may try to encroach upon us. This not only ensures our protection but also contributes to the greater good, making the world a more positive and harmonious place for all. Through understanding and embracing the power within, we realize that when we rise, the rest takes care of itself.

Minimum 2-Week Cleanse:

It is crucial to recognize that elevating and maintaining heightened spiritual energies is not an instantaneous process but requires consistent and dedicated practice. A period of at least two weeks of continuous, highly conscious watchfulness of thoughts and actions is generally recommended for noticeable changes in energy polarity. During this time, it is advisable to be vigilant in avoiding situations, events, or activities that may trigger negative emotional states. For instance, engaging in gossip, meddling in others’ affairs, or participating in social circles that breed negativity should be sidestepped. Instead, it is highly beneficial to immerse oneself in activities that foster positivity and spiritual elevation.

Engaging in spiritual readings and meditation, particularly at the start and end of each day, can be incredibly grounding and uplifting. Isolation from potential sources of negativity during this period is not an act of withdrawal but rather a purposeful creation of space for growth and transformation. It is important to note that any lapse in maintaining this elevation of energy would necessitate restarting the two-week period. Consistency is key, and this 14-day journey can be thought of as a spiritual cleanse, setting the foundation for continued growth and protection against negative energies.

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