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Translated teachings of Master Patana

Prai Kasip, Ghost Whisperer. Leading To Success, Wealth.

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Prai Krasip is a deeply enigmatic and mystical amulet that has a rich history embedded within Thai culture. The term “Prai” is indicative of a spirit, while “Krasip” translates to whisper. Thus, Prai Krasip means ‘Whispering Spirit’. Revered for its potential to offer spiritual guidance, especially in games of luck or financial speculations such as stocks, the amulet embodies the spirit believed to whisper secrets and insights into the ears of its possessor.

Origins and History

According to legend, the Prai Krasip has roots in ancient Thai shamanism. It is said that in the ancient Kingdom of Lavo (modern-day Lopburi), which existed around the Dvaravati period (6th to 11th century AD), a shaman discovered the spirit of Prai Krasip. The spirit manifested itself as a whispering voice during full moon nights, guiding the shaman through the dense jungles and leading him to hidden treasures.

This shaman, through a series of rituals during a lunar eclipse, bound the spirit into a small talisman, which is now known as the Prai Krasip amulet. This amulet was handed down through generations of shamans before it was eventually integrated into Thai Buddhist practices.

The Prai Krasip amulet often takes the form of a small skull or sometimes a locket containing ash or bone fragments. It’s believed that these materials are imbued with the energy of the spirits and serve as a conduit for their voices.

Spiritual Alignment and Guidance

What makes the Prai Krasip particularly enigmatic is its ability to offer guidance in speculative ventures. Whether it be gambling, the stock market, or other high-risk financial endeavors, devotees seek the amulet’s insights to gain an edge. The spirit is said to whisper predictions, trends, and hidden information.

However, the alignment of spiritual energies between the possessor and the amulet is paramount. The person must meditate and pray to form a connection with the spirit within the amulet. The energies need to move from the primal centers to the heart and eventually to the third eye, which signifies heightened intuition and spiritual awareness. This process can be facilitated by meditating under the full moon or new moon, as the lunar energies are believed to strengthen the connection.


The benefits of possessing a Prai Krasip amulet and aligning oneself with its energies can be extensive:

  1. Financial Gain: Many believe that the amulet can guide investments and speculation in stocks, bringing substantial financial benefits.
  2. Personal Growth: The whispering spirits are said to provide insights not only into the material world but also into personal and spiritual development.
  3. Protection: It is believed to protect its owner from physical and spiritual harm.
  4. Enhanced Intuition: Regular interaction with the amulet may lead to heightened intuitive abilities.
  5. Positive Energy: The amulet is also believed to attract positive energies and assist in manifesting desires.

Rituals and Prayers

To successfully harness the powers of the Prai Krasip amulet, it is important to follow certain rituals:

  1. Selecting the Amulet: It’s essential to choose an amulet that you feel naturally drawn to, as this indicates a pre-existing spiritual connection.
  2. Initial Prayer and Consecration: The amulet should be consecrated by a Buddhist monk or an Ajarn who is skilled in the ancient rituals.
  3. Regular Prayers: Engage in regular prayers to the amulet, offering incense and white flowers.
  4. Lunar Meditation: Meditate under the full moon or new moon. Start by focusing on your breathing, then visualize your energy rising from the base of your spine to your heart and eventually to your third eye. In this state, softly whisper your intentions and listen for the whispers of the spirit.
  5. Offerings: Offerings of food, particularly sweet foods, are believed to appease the spirit within the amulet.

Stories of the Prai Krasip

There have been countless stories of individuals whose lives have been transformed by the Prai Krasip amulet. One such story involves a young man named Thongchai.

Thongchai, an ordinary office worker in Bangkok, was struggling to make ends meet. One day, he stumbled upon a small, skull-shaped amulet at a street market. He felt an inexplicable pull towards it. He purchased the amulet and later learned that it was a Prai Krasip.

Remembering the tales his grandmother used to tell him, Thongchai began to pray and meditate with the amulet regularly, especially during full and new moons. One night, during a meditation session, he heard whispers in his ears about a particular stock. At first, he thought he was imagining it, but the whisper persisted.

The next day, he invested a small amount of money in the stock that was whispered to him. To his astonishment, the stock prices skyrocketed, and he made a small fortune. This was just the beginning. Guided by the whispers of the Prai Krasip, Thongchai continued to make astute investments, transforming his financial status.

However, Thongchai knew that this gift was not just for personal gain. He began to use the insights provided by the amulet for the betterment of his community, donating to charities and funding community projects.

As years went by, Thongchai, now a successful and respected figure, attributed all his success to the guidance and protection of the Prai Krasip spirit. His story became a testament to the mystical powers of the amulet.

The Prai Krasip amulet is shrouded in mysticism, history, and cultural significance. For those who seek its guidance, it demands respect, spiritual alignment, and responsible use of the insights it provides. It’s not just an amulet, but a spiritual journey that intertwines with one’s own life journey. Whether for financial gain or personal growth, the Prai Krasip continues to whisper its secrets to those who are willing to listen.

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