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Translated teachings of Master Patana

How Amulets Help: Understanding Different Types of Amulets

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There are three primary types of amulets:
Type 1 – Body Affecting Amulets (Energy Form)
Type 2 – Mind Affecting Amulets (Psychological Form)
Type 3 – Spiritual State Affecting Amulets (Spiritual Form)

Amulets can be made in 3 separate forms as above or it can be a combination of 2 or all of the forms above.

Energy type amulets, which affect the body, can change a person’s aura and balance the flow of energies. They are usually made of sacred materials found in nature, gemstones, and sometimes even animals or human remains/ashes/hair. An adept master can use up to 108 different sacred materials to accumulate 108 forms of energy, which can help affect 108 chakra energy points in the body. Energy-based amulets can be powerful tools for attracting wealth and promoting positivity.

Mind-affecting amulets, or psychological form amulets, alter the state of mind and create alignment between mind and spirit. They are often made of sacred materials or gemstones and are accompanied by specific mantras or chants. These amulets are suitable for those who are not ready for the energy or spiritual-based types. They are usually made in the images of mainstream Buddha images and work through mindfulness and concentration.

Spiritual state altering amulets are the most powerful form of amulet or magic, as they alter the spiritual core or root. All black magic or white magic belongs to this category. These amulets work directly on the spiritual dimension and can create a greater impact of change than the other two types. Different forms of consciousness exist within the spiritual dimension, and rituals and spirit-based amulets can alter karmic cycles within this space, causing changes in our reality.

It is important to note that anything that takes form in the mind can become real within the spiritual state and manifest into realities for the wearer with enough focus and deep concentration during the prayers. Therefore, any amulet can become sacred when there is a sacred image on it. This power comes from the projected thoughts’ energies by a large group of followers who believe in the sacred image. When a large group of people project the same thoughts through chanting or prayers, the same image, even if printed on a piece of paper, can accumulate powerful energies or power.

Our physical senses are limited, preventing us from perceiving the realities beyond the 3rd dimension. However, a deeper understanding reveals that the existence of the 3rd dimension is interdependent on other varying levels of dimensions, up to 12 dimensions in total. Each dimension’s existence is interdependent on one another, such that a change in one dimension can create changes in all 12 dimensions.

Modern science has shown that our vision can only perceive a limited spectrum of light and our hearing is only attuned to certain frequencies of sound. However, this does not mean that images or sounds beyond our capabilities do not exist. They simply exist beyond the 3rd dimension.

Within this space, there exist many forms of “energies.” Every action and thought leaves an imprint in this space, which becomes an “energy.” Unfortunately, our language is unable to accurately describe anything that exists beyond the 3rd dimension.

Various forms of consciousness exist within the spiritual dimension, and these are also energies. Rituals and spirit-based amulets can alter karmic cycles within this space, leading to certain changes in our reality.

Furthermore, through the spiritual space, certain rituals can influence the thoughts of others as it is a space that interconnects all existences.

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