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Translated teachings of Master Patana

Risking All for Enlightenment

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On this spiritual journey, we are not asked to forfeit our worldly comforts or tangible assets. It is not about relinquishing material possessions, but of the mental illusions we clutch so fiercely. We are called to shatter our narrow self-images, our bloated egos, our manufactured identities that perpetuate a sense of isolation from the grand tapestry of existence. The risk we stake for consciousness is nothing short of everything: the shedding of the familiar, the surrender of our prejudiced self-views, and the audacious plunge into the boundless unknown of our authentic essence.

This journey is not about melancholy or despair. Quite the opposite, it is a march pulsating with joy, saturated with wonder, and reverberating with awe at the splendor of existence. It forges a path toward an elusive tranquility, a profound happiness that owes nothing to external triggers but springs forth from our core connection with the vast expanse of consciousness.

Entering this spiritual realm does not denote a rejection of our earthly existence. Rather, it signifies a voracious embrace of it. We continue to navigate our lives, indulge in material pleasures, but with an amplified sense of awareness. We start to detect the divine in the mundane, the exceptional in the routine, the holy in the secular. We come to comprehend that each fleeting moment, every experience, each object, is a manifestation of the profound consciousness that dwells within us.

As we ascend to this heightened state of consciousness, we metamorphose into observers of our own existence. We immerse fully in life, yet harbor an inner detachment. We engage with the world, yet remain steadfast amid its turbulence. Our interactions with the world take on a mindful, conscious, intentional quality. We enjoy our material comforts, yet resist their control over us. We taste emotions, yet prevent them from engulfing us.

This odyssey is not about morphing into an alien form. It’s about the stark revelation of what we’ve been all along – pure, unbounded, infinite consciousness that soars beyond the limitations of physical form and identity. It’s about the full immersion into life, savoring each moment while concurrently recognizing the underlying unity that weaves us all into one.

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