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Translated teachings of Master Patana

The Cosmic Mirror Within

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Permit me to guide your thoughts towards a matter of deep and profound significance – the very nature of change, the nature of the self, and the futility of seeking alterations in the world without first seeking them within us. This exploration is akin to studying a mirror, understanding the simple yet profound truth it reflects.

When you stand before a mirror, what do you see? You see a reflection, an image that is an exact echo of who you are and what you do in that precise instant. If you smile, the mirror smiles; if you frown, it frowns. Now, imagine standing before that mirror and expecting the reflection to change while you remain the same. You desire the reflection to smile, yet you do not smile. This expectation, you will swiftly find, is futile. The mirror merely mirrors; it does not create or distort.

Our surroundings, our fellow beings, the world at large – they are mirrors, reflecting what we emit. If we emit love, love is reflected back; if we emit anger, anger ricochets back. Like the mirror, the world does not create; it reflects.

The Universe operates as a grand, infinite mirror. This may sound abstract, perhaps challenging, but consider this: what we perceive as the Universe, as reality, is nothing more than a manifestation of our own consciousness. It is a canvas upon which our thoughts, our emotions, and our beliefs are projected.

Understanding this principle is a radical shift in perspective. It shatters the illusion of separateness, unveiling the interconnected nature of existence. We are not merely observers of the Universe; we are co-creators, intricately involved in the creation of our reality.

Too often, we seek change in others, forgetting this simple truth. We desire others to be kinder, more understanding, more patient, while we do not nurture these qualities within ourselves. This is as futile as expecting the mirror to smile while we frown.

Understand that change is not something you can impose upon the world. It is not a fabric that you can drape over reality to suit your liking. Change is a transformation that begins within the deepest recesses of your being, like a seed growing into a grand tree. It begins with you.

If you wish to see more kindness in the world, be kind. If you wish for more understanding, be understanding. If you desire patience, be patient. Be the change you wish to see; let the world be your mirror. Reflect your inner growth, and watch as the reflection changes in harmony with you.

This journey is one of courage and honesty, a journey into the self. It requires us to confront our shadows, our fears, and our insecurities, to embrace them with love, and transform them into stepping stones towards growth. We must make peace with our imperfections, for it is in this space of acceptance that true change is born.

When the Mirror Speaks:

The mirror does not merely reflect; it speaks, albeit subtly. When we watch our reflection, we observe not just who we are, but also the potential of who we can be. Each criticism, each comment, each reflection provides valuable insights that guide our transformation. In essence, they are opportunities cloaked in challenges, beckoning us towards growth.

Listening attentively to the feedback of others is not an admission of fault or an indication of weakness. Rather, it is an exercise in humility, a recognition of our potential for growth. When others voice criticisms, they are offering us a different angle, a unique reflection, an opportunity to see parts of ourselves we might otherwise overlook.

The wise ones among us understand this profoundly. They do not shun criticism; instead, they listen intently, they observe deeply, using these reflections as guiding stars on their journey of self-evolution. For them, the mirror is not a judge but a teacher, not a barrier but a pathway. They realize that the ability to change is not just a skill but a virtue, a testament to their commitment to continuous growth and self-improvement.

Remember, we cannot change others; we can only change ourselves. But in changing ourselves, we change our reflection in the world. The mirror of existence then becomes a conduit for our inner transformation, reflecting our inner change in the outer world.

So, let us go into our depths, confront our darkness, and light the lamp of change. Let us be capable of change. Then, we will find, the world will follow suit. It will change, not because we tried to change it, but because we dared to change ourselves.

Remember, you are the mirror and the reflection. Be the change, and the world changes with you. It simply is the sacred law of the divine.

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