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Translated teachings of Master Patana

The Power of Unconscious Fears and Desires

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The undercurrents of our minds, teeming with unconscious fears and desires, exert immense power over the reality we manifest. Like unseen strings, these forces puppeteer our thoughts, behaviors, and life patterns, often without our knowledge. To understand the power they hold, it’s imperative to journey into the depths of the unconscious mind, revealing the treasures and monsters that reside in its depths.

The Unseen Undercurrents

Imagine your mind as a deep ocean. On the surface, waves dance, reflecting conscious thoughts, actions, and feelings. However, beneath these surface waves, deep currents swirl, invisible yet mighty. These currents represent our unconscious fears and desires, powerful forces influencing the surface waves, often without our awareness.

Our unconscious fears and desires stem from past experiences, societal conditioning, and inherited beliefs. While we might not be actively aware of them, they continually shape our reactions, decisions, and thus, the reality we experience.

The Reign of Unconscious Fears

Fears, much like shadows, thrive in the absence of light, in the hidden crevices of our unconscious mind. They often stem from past traumas, disappointments, and perceived inadequacies. Sequestered away from conscious awareness, these fears subtly infiltrate our thoughts and actions, making us hesitant, cautious, and resistant to change.

Imagine a skilled puppeteer manipulating a marionette. The puppet appears to move on its own, yet every step, every gesture is controlled from above. Unconscious fears operate similarly, driving our behaviors from the background, leading us into repetitive patterns and manifesting circumstances that reflect these fears in our reality.

The Lure of Unconscious Desires

Conversely, unconscious desires represent hidden yearnings, unfulfilled dreams, and unsatiated cravings. They can be subtle whispers or powerful roars within us, pushing us towards certain behaviors, attractions, and ultimately, manifestations.

These unconscious desires, like a compass needle, pull us towards people, situations, and experiences that resonate with these inner longings. Often, we find ourselves drawn towards certain paths, making decisions without conscious thought, driven by the magnetic pull of these hidden desires.

Unconscious Manifestation: The Unseen Artist

In the realm of manifestation, unconscious fears and desires are like an unseen artist, sketching out the contours of our reality. The Law of Attraction, impartial and omnipotent, responds to these forces as readily as it does to our conscious thoughts.

What we manifest isn’t just a reflection of our conscious aspirations, but also these hidden fears and desires. Our reality, thus, becomes a canvas bearing not just the hues of conscious intention but also the shadowy strokes of the unconscious.

Awakening from Unconscious Slumber

Just as the dawn gradually illuminates the night, bringing clarity and vision, shedding light on our unconscious fears and desires brings conscious awareness, empowering us to steer our life journey more effectively.

As we dive into the depths of our unconscious, acknowledging our hidden fears and desires, we start to reduce their hold over us. Fear, when exposed to the light of consciousness, often loses its power. Desires, when consciously understood, can be channeled effectively.

Conscious awareness doesn’t necessarily eradicate unconscious fears and desires. Instead, it equips us with the understanding and tools to navigate them wisely. It empowers us to consciously influence our manifestation process, to ensure it aligns more closely with our authentic self.

From Unconscious Influence to Conscious Creation

In our journey of manifestation, the shift from being unconsciously influenced to becoming conscious creators is profound. As we bring our unconscious fears and desires into the realm of consciousness, we become less like marionettes danced around by unseen puppeteers and more like puppeteers ourselves, aware and in control of our actions.

Our manifestations begin to reflect our true desires, rather than hidden fears. We become active participants in the creation of our reality, consciously directing our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Life becomes less about avoiding unconscious fears and chasing unconscious desires, and more about conscious growth, fulfillment, and joy.

The Dance of Consciousness and Unconsciousness

The dance between unconscious and conscious forces within us is a pivotal part of our human experience. It is not about completely eliminating unconscious fears and desires, but about understanding their power, bringing them into awareness, and harmonizing this dance.

As we learn to illuminate the hidden corners of our unconscious, we are no longer at the mercy of these unseen currents. We take the helm of our ship, steering it consciously towards our chosen horizon. The power of unconscious fears and desires, once a veiled force shaping our reality, becomes a known entity, a force we acknowledge, understand, and harmoniously integrate into our conscious journey of manifestation.

In this dance of consciousness and unconsciousness, we find balance, we find wisdom, and most importantly, we find ourselves – as conscious creators within this incredible tapestry of existence.

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