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Translated teachings of Master Patana

If You Want Success, Simplify Your Life: A Spiritual Perspective on Energy Investment

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The Energy Reservoir

Think of yourself as a vessel, a reservoir designed to store and channel energy. Much like a dam that collects water and utilizes it to generate electricity, we, too, have the capacity to harness our internal energies for productivity and accomplishment.

Understanding Energy Investment

Imagine life as a multifaceted electrical device. Just like gadgets have varied battery requirements, different aspirations and objectives demand distinct levels of energy. A remote control might require only two batteries to function, whereas a high-powered flashlight might need four. Similarly, creating a painting might require less energy compared to establishing a business. Here’s where the analogy of the energy reservoir becomes crucial. The more energy you have stored within, the more powerful and dynamic tasks you can undertake.

The issue arises when we unknowingly plug into energy-draining sockets. We often get entangled in a web of negative emotions and unproductive activities. It’s akin to leaving multiple devices plugged into a power strip, constantly draining the batteries. This leaves little energy for what truly matters.

The dilemma is that many people unknowingly invest the majority of their energies in unproductive or destructive activities and emotions. These investments, which may stem from deep-rooted habits, drain the energy that could be channeled towards one’s goals.

Identifying and Eliminating Energy Drainers

A common misconception is that one must seek ways to acquire more energy or motivation. The truth is, before seeking to replenish, it is vital to assess and move away from activities and relationships that sap your energies. Recognize that your emotional involvement in issues and your thoughts consume a significant amount of energy. Be conscious and discerning about where this energy is going.

Imagine walking through a garden with a bucket full of water, which represents your energy. There are multiple plants representing various aspects of your life – relationships, work, hobbies, etc. If you keep watering weeds (the unproductive aspects) the water level decreases and there’s less for the flowers and plants that actually matter. Assessing your garden and removing the weeds is essential.

Stop seeking motivation! Start Finding The Energy-Drainers First!!

Many people try to solve this by adding more water (energy) to their bucket through motivation or stimulation. However, unless you remove the weeds, the extra water will be wasted too. Identifying the weeds – be it toxic relationships, negative thought patterns, or futile activities – is crucial. Consciously detach or limit your involvement in these energy drainers.

Simplification as the Key

Simplifying your life involves minimizing energy drainage. Take note of the activities or relationships that deplete your energy and consciously create distance. This process is not about neglecting others but about creating a reservoir of energy that will not only empower you but eventually enable you to assist others more effectively.

Simplifying life is like decluttering a room. When a room is cluttered, it’s difficult to focus and be efficient. Clearing the clutter and organizing the space makes it easier to find what you need and focus on the task at hand. Similarly, when you clear your life of energy drainers, it’s easier to focus your energy on goals and aspirations.

The Power of Focused Energy

Now that you have cleared the weeds and decluttered your room, it’s time to focus your energy. Consider this: A river flowing freely has strength, but when it is channeled through a narrow turbine, it has the power to generate electricity. Your energy, when focused on a specific goal, becomes a powerful force.

This phase is often likened to physical exercise; you’re stretching your capacity, and it might be uncomfortable. It is essential to recognize that seeking motivation is like waiting for the perfect weather to go sailing. Using your focused energy as wind for your sails is more reliable and consistent.

Once you have simplified your life, the next step is to focus your energy on your goals. This may involve acquiring new skills or knowledge. Understand that this phase is akin to a workout session for your spirit. You may need to push through discomfort and challenges. Instead of getting caught in an endless loop of seeking motivation, let your focused energy be the motivation.

Manifestation and the Role of Spiritual Alignment

Manifesting success is not about passively waiting for rewards to fall into your lap. It involves an active exchange of energy. As you invest your energy constructively, you align yourself with spiritual energies that guide you to the resources, knowledge, and connections necessary for your success. It is a divine law that the energy you invest will be amplified and returned to you.

Investing your energy constructively is like planting seeds in a fertile field. It is not just the action of planting but also nurturing and being receptive to the forces – like sunlight and rain – that help in growth. Similarly, as you channel your energies toward your goals, you align yourself with higher spiritual energies. This alignment operates much like a radio; you have to be on the right frequency to catch the station. Being on this frequency ensures that you are guided, that you encounter the right opportunities and connections that propel you towards your dreams.

Embrace the Challenge

Pushing through challenges is like breaking in a new pair of shoes. The first few times might be uncomfortable and even painful. However, as you continue, they conform to your feet and become comfortable. Similarly, as you push through the discomfort of challenges with your focused energy, you expand your capacity. What was once a challenge becomes a part of your comfort zone.

Do not shy away from discomfort. Understand that pushing through challenges evolves into acquired skills or knowledge. As you repeat this process, what was once a struggle becomes natural and effortless.

Success is not solely about hard work and determination. It is also deeply rooted in the spiritual practice of managing and investing your energies wisely. Simplify your life, focus your energy, embrace the challenges, and let the spiritual alignment guide you to success.

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