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Translated teachings of Master Patana

The Alchemy and The Law of Infinite Spiritual Energies

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The term ‘alchemy’ brings to mind the medieval chemists who sought to transform base metals into gold, a quest for material transformation. But in the context of this article, we are speaking about a much more profound alchemy—an alchemical transformation of energies that brings forth the infinite and divine. The alchemy we’re about to explore is spiritual in nature and predicated on the immutable and universal Law of Energies.

To start our journey, it is crucial to acknowledge a fundamental truth, one that is often veiled in our ordinary consciousness: We are part of an infinite energy source. This omnipotent, boundless energy is always available, ever-flowing, and in constant motion, serving as the engine of life.

Think of a river, incessantly flowing towards the ocean. It carves valleys, feeds forests, and brings life wherever it flows. It does not think of conserving its water for fear of drying up, nor does it question the infinite source from which it originates. It simply flows, with unwavering faith in the replenishment from its source. In the same way, we are part of an infinite energy flow. We are conduits for energy, an extension of the source, and when we align ourselves with this truth, we open the gates for energy to flow through us unimpeded.

The dynamics of energy flow defy the logic of materialistic thought, where activity and effort lead to exhaustion. Rather, our bodies and minds operate like dynamos, generating more energy as they are put to work. Just as a dynamo converts mechanical energy into electrical energy, our active state sparks a stream of energy that replenishes us.

“As you harness and utilize energy, more flows in from the inexhaustible source to replenish your reserves.”

The laws of energy here, too, are unlike what we’re familiar with in the material world. Energy is not spent and lost, but rather, in its expenditure, it is renewed and restored. The more you use it, the more energy from the infinite source is channeled through you. This is akin to a muscle that grows stronger with use; the more it is exercised, the more it is capable of lifting.

Consider the sun—its radiance is unending, and the more it shines, the more it continues to shine. Similarly, when you direct your energy towards giving—be it love, kindness, or compassion—the energy reservoir from which you give becomes even more potent. This may seem paradoxical, yet it is the hidden alchemy of the infinite energy source.

One of the foundational truths of energy is its intimate connection with our sexual energy. This is not a discussion of sexuality per se but rather about the universal life force energy that propels all life. To appreciate the power of this energy, consider a seed. In its dormant state, it appears insignificant, but when nurtured, it bursts into life, pushing through the soil to reach the sun. Similarly, the energy we receive from food, thoughts, and activities builds our life force—our sexual energy—which is required for any accomplishment in the physical realm, from the mundane to the enlightened.

What then is the secret to unlocking and utilizing this immense force consciously? The answer lies in the direction of our energy investments. Love, the most sublime of all emotions, serves as a universal currency. When we invest our energies in love, more love energy becomes available. Love, in its essence, is the energy of attraction. When we immerse ourselves in love, compassion, and gratitude, we become magnets for these energies.

However, the law of energies doesn’t play favorites with energy. Should we elect to channel our energy into fear, anger, resentment, or hatred, these states don’t wither, they flourish. They hungrily consume our energy, morphing into forms that contribute to internal discord or environmental imbalance. We term these negative feedback loops “parasitic energy feedings”.

To visualize this phenomenon, consider the symbiotic relationship between a parasite and its host. The parasite attaches itself to a host, greedily drawing sustenance, siphoning off resources, yet contributing nothing beneficial in return. This mirrors how our energy, when directed towards negative emotions or destructive thoughts, is drawn off, feeding these states while leaving us depleted.

However, as with any energy exchange, nothing is truly lost, just transformed. Much like a parasite that eventually completes its life cycle, returning nutrients back into the ecosystem in a different form, our ‘fed’ energy is not lost. It merely changes its state, becoming an integral part of the cycle of existence—continuous and unending. Therefore, our task becomes one of mindful management and redirection of our energies. Like avoiding parasites and nurturing beneficial symbiotic relationships, we must channel our energy where it nourishes and promotes growth, rather than feeding destructive forces.

It’s essential to bear in mind that within the expansive mural of existence, nothing is genuinely lost. We aren’t isolated beings but an integral piece of a much larger entity, seamlessly interconnected and enmeshed in a cosmic dance. This existence knows no inception or conclusion, and similarly, the energy fuelling it is equally boundless and everlasting.

Therefore, our journey is not about hoarding or conserving energy. Rather, it’s about becoming channels of energy—about giving, sharing, and spreading love and positivity. Just as a candle loses nothing by lighting another candle, so too do we gain more energy by giving it away. The act of giving is the act of loving, and those who give without reservation are always rewarded with more.

In essence, the alchemy of infinite energies is a deep understanding of the paradox that giving leads to receiving, action replenishes energy, and love begets love. When we align ourselves with this truth, we become conduits for the infinite source, forever giving, forever replenished, forever radiant, eternally connected with the divine. The alchemy of infinite energy, therefore, lies in recognizing our role as active participants in this universal dance of energies and celebrating it. To give is to love, to love is to energize, and to energize is to tap into the infinite source that fuels all existence.

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