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Translated teachings of Master Patana

Love Beyond Death

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Love goes beyond death, marking the end of life. It’s always tough to say goodbye to loved ones, made even harder because we often fail to express our love when we have the chance. We need to understand that if we truly care and love someone, we can spend months apart without worrying about hurting them. This is something we must grasp.

Our fear comes from not knowing how to love. Love has the power to make even a short moment feel eternal. A loving look or a gentle touch can dispel any fear. When we genuinely love someone and feel that deep connection, parting ways becomes easier.

The problem lies in our inability to love and know how to nurture that love when we are together. This problem also arises when a loved one passes away. We cry, mourn, and feel profound sadness. However, the root of this sadness isn’t just death itself; it’s the regret of not expressing our love while they were alive. Now, there are no more chances, and they are gone. We can’t show our love or say goodbye. We missed countless opportunities. We didn’t seize the moments when love could have grown, and now that those chances are gone, we feel overwhelming sadness. We’re frustrated, trapped against an impassable wall with no way out.

We can’t even apologize for not loving them enough because they’re no longer here. Love could have bloomed on many occasions, but anger took its place. We had chances to care deeply, but we didn’t. We kept our distance, acted arrogantly, and let our egos rule. We fought instead of building intimate connections. Love slipped through our fingers.

When two souls are united in genuine love and one of them transitions beyond the physical realm, the other soul can bid farewell with a profound sense of peace and completeness. There is no room for regret, as their connection remains unshaken. This is what we mean when we say that love transcends the boundaries of death; even in the face of mortality, it endures. If love exists on a spiritual level, not even death can extinguish its eternal flame. Conversely, if love is absent in the spiritual realm, even the journey of life itself struggles to sustain its essence.

The fear of our mortality may persist, but let’s redirect our focus towards love. Each time we’re in the company of another, it could potentially be our last meeting. Thus, let’s not waste those precious moments on trivialities or unnecessary conflicts.

Remember that everyone undergoes constant change. When we reunite with loved ones—be it parents, siblings, or friends—they will have transformed. Just like an ever-flowing river, nothing remains the same. We too have evolved, and they won’t be the same. Embracing these truths paves the way for love to thrive amidst life’s ceaseless fluctuations. Let’s treasure and nurture love, compassion, and gratitude for the souls we encounter on our unique spiritual odyssey.

When death looms near, everything else loses significance. If someone’s words or actions disturb us, let’s reflect on death’s doorstep. Picture that person, or even ourselves, on the brink of passing away and truly contemplate the weight of their words. Perhaps their intentions were not as we initially perceived. In truth, it is often our own interpretations that breed misunderstandings.

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