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Translated teachings of Master Patana

Phra Soom Gor: Celestial Guardian

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The Phra Soom Gor Amulet, steeped in history and mysticism, is one of the most revered Thai amulets known for its spiritual potency and enigmatic aura. This amulet’s roots are intertwined with legendary tales, spiritual beliefs, and the mysteries of ancient Thai magic. It is said that those who possess a genuine Phra Soom Gor Amulet are bestowed with immeasurable blessings and protection.

Origins and History:

The history of the Phra Soom Gor Amulet can be traced back to the ancient kingdom of Sukhothai, which flourished between the 13th and 15th centuries. However, the amulet’s lore intertwines with tales that some believe to date back even further, to a time when spirits and deities walked alongside mortals.

According to ancient chronicles, during a time when the heavens and earth were still forming, three hermit sages – descended from celestial abodes. These ethereal beings, known for their wisdom and magical prowess, were tasked by the Devas to protect and guide humanity.

This amulet was passed through generations, from the ancient Kingdom of Sukhothai to the Kingdom of Ayutthaya, and eventually to the Rattanakosin era. It is said that King Ramkhamhaeng the Great of Sukhothai was one of the first custodians of this amulet and that it played a part in his success in unifying the kingdom.

In the depths of ancient Thai folklore, there exists a tale so entwined with mysticism that it is often regarded as a secret known only to the wisest of sages. The Phra Soom Gor Amulet, as history has revealed, is more than just an amulet. It is said to be a gateway, a conduit through which the ancient forces of the universe can be harnessed.

In the annals of ancient scriptures, it is whispered that during the early days of the world, when magic was as common as air and mythical creatures roamed freely, a celestial event of unimaginable magnitude occurred. This event was foretold by the stars and was awaited by all beings, mortal and divine.

The skies were said to have opened, revealing an astral path. The three sages didn’t just descend to the earth; they were, in fact, guardians of the ethereal gates between dimensions. These gates, protected by ancient forces, were said to be the focal points of energies that controlled the balance of the cosmos.

As the celestial event neared its peak, a pool of the purest cosmic energy was created, pooling at the intersection of the dimensions. This was the moment the sages had awaited through millennia. With chants that shook the heavens and rituals so complex that they were said to be woven into the fabric of time, the sages combined their essences with the cosmic energies.

And so, the first Phra Soom Gor Amulet was not just created but was born. It was a fusion of spirits, cosmic energy, and ancient wisdom. The amulet was said to pulsate with life, and its ethereal glow was such that no mortal could gaze upon it directly.

King Ramkhamhaeng, the great ruler of Sukhothai, is believed to have been guided to the amulet in a dream by the celestial guardians. His wisdom and might were not only due to his valiant nature but were also augmented by the secrets he unraveled from the Phra Soom Gor Amulet.

There have been tales of the amulet reappearing throughout history, each time during a critical juncture. Whispered rumors tell of secret societies dedicated to protecting the knowledge of the amulet, of shadow wars fought in ethereal planes to protect the secrets it holds.

Today, the Phra Soom Gor Amulets that we see are considered to be echoes of the original. They hold a fraction of the power, but it is believed that the true amulet still moves through time, safeguarding the balance of the cosmos.

To own a Phra Soom Gor Amulet is not merely to possess an object; it is to be a part of an ancient legacy. It is said that those who seek not just material wealth but true wisdom and harmony with the universe might one day unlock the mysteries that are held within these amulets.

Such is the tale of the Phra Soom Gor Amulet, a legend that intertwines the fate of realms, the mysteries of the cosmos, and the ancient wisdom of the sages. Its story is as eternal as the stars, and its secrets as boundless as the universe itself.


The Phra Soom Gor Amulet is renowned for its vast array of benefits. These include:

  1. Protection: The amulet is believed to shield its wearer from physical and spiritual harm. It has been revered as a protector against negative energies and malevolent spirits.
  2. Fortune and Wealth: It is said that the amulet brings material wealth and prosperity to its possessor by attracting positive energies and opportunities.
  3. Wisdom and Knowledge: The spirits of the three sages are believed to impart wisdom, knowledge, and enlightenment to those who seek it.
  4. Health and Longevity: Some believe that the amulet possesses healing powers and can bestow longevity and good health.
  5. Spiritual Development: For those on a spiritual path, the amulet is believed to assist in the development of psychic abilities and a deeper connection with the spiritual world.


To harness the full power of the Phra Soom Gor Amulet, certain rituals and practices are recommended:

  1. Consecration: Before wearing the amulet, it is important to have it consecrated by a knowledgeable monk or spiritual practitioner. This imbues the amulet with spiritual energies and connects it with the wearer.
  2. Offerings: Regular offerings such as incense, flowers, and water are believed to please the spirits within the amulet, thus strengthening its potency.
  3. Meditation and Prayer: Meditating and praying with the amulet can create a deeper connection between the wearer and the spirits of the sages. This is often done by focusing on the heart chakra and seeking guidance or blessings.
  4. Moral Conduct: It is believed that maintaining good moral conduct and following the Five Precepts of Buddhism enhances the amulet’s powers.

The Phra Soom Gor Amulet is more than just an object of veneration; it is a symbol of the rich cultural tapestry and spiritual heritage of Thailand. Through centuries, this amulet has been shrouded in mysticism and revered for its sacred powers. Whether one is a spiritual seeker, a collector of ancient relics, or someone seeking protection and blessings, the Phra Soom Gor Amulet serves as a link to the ancient wisdom of the sages and the mysteries of a time long past.

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