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Translated teachings of Master Patana

The Revengeful Mind

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A lesson from Master Patana:

The anger in you reflects a revengeful mind, it is the unconscious egoistic mind that seeks revenge. Whenever you are angry, be all aware and watchful of how the revengeful mind arises.

A revengeful mind can only arise out of anger. It hurts others; it punishes others; it curses others, blames others, it speaks ill of others, and could even escalate to the idea of murder. It is the unconscious ego at work. Be watchful of this mind, the rebellious mind that arises out of ego.

A mindset driven by revenge is lacking in intelligence. It is not wrong to experience thoughts of revenge, but it is important to realize that indulging in such thoughts can lead to a downward spiral in life. So, be wise.

Anger is a poison that can consume us from within. It is a fire that burns our peace and leaves behind only destruction. It is a manifestation of the ego, that insidious and treacherous aspect of our being that seeks to dominate and control others. The ego thrives on conflict, on division, on the desire to be superior to others. And anger is the fuel that powers this destructive force.

But there is a way out of this cycle of suffering. It starts with awareness, with the simple act of observing ourselves in the present moment. When we are angry, we must be all watchful of how our mind responds. What are the thoughts that arise within us? How does our body feel? What are the impulses that drive us?

It is only through this mindful awareness that we can begin to see the roots of our anger. We can begin to understand the mechanisms of the ego, how it seeks to protect itself at all costs, even if that means harming others. We can see how the ego thrives on conflict, how it creates division between people, how it seeks to be superior.

But we must not judge ourselves harshly for this. We must understand that the ego is a part of our being, and it is only through awareness that we can begin to transform it. We must be gentle with ourselves, kind and compassionate, even in the face of our own imperfections.

When we are mindful of our anger, we can see the ugliness of the revengeful mind. We can see how it hurts others, how it seeks to punish and curse, how it blames and speaks ill. We can see how it escalates to violence and destruction, how it poisons our relationships and our lives.

But we can also see the roots of this anger. We can see how it arises from fear, from insecurity, from the desire to protect ourselves. And when we see this, we can begin to heal ourselves, to transform our anger into compassion, to transform our fear into love.

For the ego is nothing but a reflection of our own minds. It is the animalistic and reptilian part of us, the part that seeks only to survive, to dominate, to control. But we are more than that. We are beings of light, of love, of compassion. And it is only through awareness that we can begin to tap into that inner light.

So let us be all watchful of our anger, of the revengeful mind that arises within us. Let us be all watchful of the ego, that treacherous and insidious force that seeks to dominate and control. And let us begin to transform ourselves, to awaken to our true nature, to become beings of light and love and compassion.

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