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Translated teachings of Master Patana

True Forgiveness or Just an Ego-trip?

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True forgiveness is a sacred act that can only happen when one transcends their anger and moves beyond the bounds of judgment. Forgiveness is not just a mere act of the will; it is a powerful transformation that comes from a deep understanding of oneself and others. It is the art of turning hatred into compassion, and it begins with the recognition of our own anger.

Anger is a natural human emotion that arises when we feel threatened or wronged. It is an unconscious state of mind that seeks justification and fulfillment of one’s ego. It is a selfish and revengeful state that blames and punishes others. When we are angry, we are trapped in our own narrow-mindedness and cannot see beyond our own perspective.

True forgiveness requires us to transcend our anger and move beyond the bounds of our judgment. It is not enough to simply say we forgive someone while still holding onto our judgments and labeling them as wrong. Such forgiveness is untrue and hypocritical because the hatred still exists deep within us, buried in our dominating thoughts. It is a form of repression and denial, and it is not true forgiveness.

Occasionally, forgiveness is granted with an underlying belief that “I am more empathetic, superior, and elevated than you, and therefore, I forgive.” This is nothing but a boost to one’s ego. In this case, nothing is truly transformed, and the animosity persists.

To truly forgive, we must first become fully aware of our anger and accept it without judgment. We must recognize that anger is an unconscious state of mind that seeks to justify our ego. With this awareness, we can begin to transcend our negative states and move into a space of compassion and understanding.

Forgiveness is not about forgetting, for nothing can be forgotten. Memories merely get buried in the deeper subconscious mind and can be triggered to come back to life again. Rather, forgiveness is about transcending our negative states into positive ones, which can free us from our own imprisonment.

Hatred arises when we hold onto our judgments and associate with a past negative event. It is a state of psychosis in its entirety. We must realize that we do not differ from the person we hate; we have fought back with equal ugliness and selfishness. Both parties were selfishly unconscious in the past.

To move beyond hatred and into a state of compassion, we must accept ourselves and others for who we are. When we are fully aware and repentant of our negative states of mind, forgiveness becomes a natural progression towards compassion. When we forgive others, we also forgive ourselves and become free from our own imprisonment.

Living in the present moment is crucial to the forgiveness process. There are so many things happening in the present moment that we can pay attention to and free our minds from associating with any past negative events. As we release our judgments and labels, hatred ceases to exist, and we move into a space of compassion and love.

True forgiveness is a state of higher awareness that comes from a deep understanding of oneself and others. It is a sacred act that can transform our lives and the lives of those around us. As we move beyond our anger and judgments, we enter into a space of compassion and understanding that can only bring about a more prosperous and peaceful life.

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