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Translated teachings of Master Patana

Feeling Blamed? – From Blame to Enlightenment

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We live in a realm where every action, every word, every gesture can be seen from two polarities – either positive or negative. Our minds, these complex machines, interpret these signals and thus shape our feelings and behaviors.

Think about the countless times you’ve found yourself cornered, the stinging words of blame lashing at your dignity. A sudden accusation, a harsh criticism, or a sneering remark. It strikes at your self-worth, it gnaws at your ego, and what does it leave in its wake? An echo chamber of resentment, anger, guilt. “Are you saying I am unintelligent?” “I am not good enough?” “I have done my due diligence, why are you blaming me?” These questions ricochet around your mind, growing louder and fiercer with each passing second.

This echo chamber is nothing but a self-created prison, the “Blame Loop.” An insidious snare that traps your spirit, gnawing at your potential, confining your intellectual growth.. While locked inside this prison, there is no learning, no growth, no evolution. You’re stuck in a constant replay of events that stroke the ego, that nurture the blame. You’re stuck reliving the past, fighting battles that have long ended.

These negative loops of thought, the “Blame Loops”, as we’ll call them, breed anger, resentment, guilt, or hatred. It is a cage we inadvertently construct around ourselves. It hinders our progression, it muddles our clarity and prevents us from learning, growing, and improving.

The Blame Loop and the inflation of the ego do not merely impede intellectual development, they also profoundly impact our spiritual state, the flow of our spiritual energies, our ability to manifest, and even our intuition. When our mind is ensnared in the recurring loop of blame, resentment, and wounded ego, it’s as if we’ve allowed ourselves to be trapped within a prison of negative vibrations.

Spiritually, we are beings of energy, and our energies vibrate at various frequencies, impacting our ability to manifest our desires and to intuitively connect with the universe. When the mind is preoccupied with blame, guilt, and a bruised ego, our energies are attuned to a lower frequency. We become like a radio tuned to a channel of static and noise, unable to receive clear signals.

On this lower vibrational level, our ability to manifest – to align our intentions and desires with the universe – is severely impaired. Like trying to see a beautiful view through a fogged-up window, the constant hum of blame and negativity clouds our spiritual vision. We become disconnected from our source, unable to manifest our true intentions, blocked from achieving our highest potential.

Furthermore, intuition, the subtle spiritual guide within us, is also disrupted. Intuition thrives in a state of calm and clarity. However, when the mind is entangled in the Blame Loop, this serenity is disturbed. The constant negative chatter drowns out the soft whispers of intuition, severing our connection to this vital spiritual compass.

To liberate ourselves from this spiritual quagmire, we must first liberate our minds from the Blame Loop and the tyranny of the ego. Only by releasing these negative patterns can we clear the static, tune in to the higher frequencies, and open ourselves to clearer intuition, better manifestation, and overall spiritual growth. Awareness, understanding, and mindfulness are the keys to unlock this prison, allowing our spiritual energies to flow freely and brightly once again.

Remember – this state of self-imprisonment is a choice. You have the power to shatter this cage, to transcend these Blame Loops.

Now, consider this: every prison has a key. And that key is Awareness.

To break free from this mental prison, you need to realize the futility of your plight. The blame, the guilt, the anger – they’re mere shadows. They’re like dark clouds obscuring your sky, transient and intangible. They hold power over you only as long as you let them. And the ego that you’re so desperately trying to protect? It’s as fleeting and insubstantial as those shadows.

Through the quiet power of awareness. Through the understanding that the “Blame Loop” is nothing more than a desperate attempt to feed our injured ego. Recognize that this ego is a phantom. It is insubstantial, elusive, transient. The constant chattering, the self-arguments that take place within the confines of the Blame Loop, only seek to appease this intangible entity.

When you become aware of this, when you realize the futility of this loop and the transient nature of the ego, you can move from an emotional response to an intellectual or rational one. This is the transcendence we speak of – the journey from Blame to Wisdom, from ego to enlightenment. When you shift your perspective, reassess your actions, and instead focus on learning from the experience, you have already stepped out of the Blame Loop.

Remember this, remaining in a negative emotional state isn’t inherently wrong, but it is a roadblock on the path of intellectual growth and progress. For when you are trapped in the cycle of anger and blame, your mind closes off, your receptivity dims. There can be no acquisition of new knowledge, no deepening of wisdom in this state. Rather than advancing, intelligence recedes into stagnation.

Let us permit others to criticize. What, truly, is at stake? An injured ego? An intangible sense of self-worth that we allow to define us? We expend all our precious energy on defending this ethereal construct, but for what purpose? Consider for a moment: all the intellectual battles, the heated arguments, the tireless efforts to prove ourselves right – aren’t they, in their essence, futile and devoid of true wisdom?

Instead of embarking on this futile quest of ego defense, let us instead embrace criticism. Let’s not just hear, but genuinely listen to what is being said. For within every critique lies a seed of truth, an opportunity for growth. Every criticism, whether it appears fair or not, provides us with a mirror to look at ourselves from a perspective we may not have considered. And that is priceless.

True wisdom does not lie in the never-ending defense of our ego. It lies in our ability to separate ourselves from our ego, to look at criticism objectively, and to use it as a stepping stone towards our growth and advancement. A person of true wisdom knows that an injured ego heals, but a missed opportunity for growth is a loss forever. So let us be wise, let us listen, let us learn, and let us grow from every word that comes our way. Let us turn criticism from an enemy to a trusted ally on our path to enlightenment.

Thus, let us strive to awaken our awareness to these Blame Loops, understanding their nature, their origin, and their impact. Embrace the power that comes from self-realization, and break free from these self-made prisons. For it is in this liberation, in this transcendence, that true wisdom is found. It is here that we grow, learn, and ultimately, evolve into our highest potential.

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