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Translated teachings of Master Patana

Harmonizing with the Celestial Frequencies: A Journey Towards Transcendental Consciousness

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On this mystical journey of existence, one of the most profound awakenings we can experience is the recognition that as we transcend the primal, instinctual depths of our psyche, we find ourselves enveloped in an invisible, yet palpable guidance — a spiritual compass, eternally there, infinitely waiting for our acknowledgment.

To comprehend this concept, consider each of us as a complex, multifaceted radio. We are intricate, sentient beings capable of tuning into the myriad frequencies that comprise the symphony of existence. When we exist within the limited scope of our instinctual behaviors, our range of reception is akin to a basic radio picking up only the simplest of signals. However, as our consciousness awakens to these primal inclinations, we experience an internal shift. Our core vibrational frequency begins to elevate, creating a resonant harmony with the frequencies of higher, spiritual dimensions. This ascended frequency acts as a bridge, a connecting link to the divine wisdom housed within these realms. Here, spiritual guidance flows in abundance, like a river nourishing all who come to its banks.

Resonating at this higher frequency invites a wave of spiritual companions and timeless wisdom, channeled through this celestial vibration. This wisdom acts as a compass, pointing us towards paths of self-enhancement, shielding us from unfavorable circumstances, and guiding us towards the collective good. Moreover, it aids in the manifestation of dreams we once considered beyond our reach.

To delve into the realm of quantum science, it is essential to understand that everything in the universe, at its most fundamental level, is energy. Everything we perceive as solid matter is, in reality, a cluster of energy vibrating at specific frequencies. This principle applies not only to the physical world but also to our thoughts, emotions, and consciousness. Quantum physics tells us that the observer influences the observed reality. Therefore, our thoughts, intentions, and level of consciousness can shape the reality we experience.

Now, let’s return to our journey towards higher consciousness. This does not happen spontaneously, or without effort. We must undertake a conscious dive into the intricacies of our own minds — the reptilian instincts, the animalistic impulses etched into our genetic blueprint. We must illuminate the dark corners of our harmful habits, our volatile emotions, temptations and our self-serving actions.

As we shed light on these aspects of ourselves, we undergo a transformation. When we rise above these deeply ingrained animalistic instincts, our vibrational frequency begins to match the higher frequencies. We embark on the journey of true self-awareness. It is not sufficient to merely recognize our thoughts and actions; we must delve deeper. We need to comprehend and integrate the ethical and moral implications of our behaviors.

In this context, taking responsibility for our actions, understanding the ripple of consequences that emanate from them, and displaying consideration for others become critical elements of our spiritual growth. These virtues are not adopted out of obligation or ego, but emerge naturally from a conscious, intentional choice. It is these conscious choices that enable us to resonate with the higher realms, to attune our radios to the divine frequencies.

When we engage in acts that demonstrate our ability to place the well-being of others before our own desires, we exhibit a profound facet of our higher selves. This is the self that can consciously choose to aid others in their quest towards self-actualization, to set aside personal desires for the greater good.

Quantum physics has introduced us to the concept of entanglement, where particles are interconnected regardless of distance. This fundamental principle can be extrapolated to our interconnectedness as sentient beings. Our actions and decisions can have far-reaching effects, rippling out to touch others in ways we may not even realize. This underscores the profound significance of conscious decision-making and the cultivation of altruistic behavior.

Our journey of conscious ascension can be further understood by examining our most basic instincts: our need for sustenance. In the animal kingdom, creatures eat to survive, stopping when their bodies are satiated. We humans, however, often succumb to the temptation to consume beyond our actual needs. This excess is not driven by necessity, but by greed. It’s through the lens of conscious awareness that we can distinguish between the two, and by doing so, we align ourselves more closely with the principles of higher consciousness.

As our awareness expands and our vibrational frequency ascends, we align with the principles of quantum consciousness. We begin to understand that our thoughts, intentions, and actions shape the reality we experience. We come to realize that our internal frequency, our state of mind and consciousness, directly affects the external world.

With this expanded awareness, we resonate with higher spiritual wisdom. In this space, dear friends, we evolve into a heightened state of humanity. We become truly aware, fully responsible, deeply considerate, and find ourselves divinely connected. It’s like tuning our radio to a station that broadcasts music so harmonious, so profound, that it transforms us.

Our journey is a shared one. Each of us is connected in this vast web of consciousness, a quantum entanglement of souls journeying together towards enlightenment. So, let us move forward together, resonating at a higher frequency, basking in the wisdom of the higher realms, and truly embodying the essence of our higher selves. In this harmonious symphony of existence, each of us plays a vital note, contributing to the divine melody of the cosmos. As we learn to play our notes with conscious intent, we contribute to the creation of a more harmonious, enlightened world.

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