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Translated teachings of Master Patana

Can thoughts change our appearance?

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You know, it’s a fascinating idea when you really think about it: can our thoughts actually influence our physical appearance?

Most of the time, it seems, they can. But it’s not always as simple as it might sound. You see, our looks aren’t just a blank slate at birth. Our physical characteristics are already shaped by the actions, thoughts, and even the legacy of our parents and ancestors. It’s kind of like a genetic cocktail, a blend of their past experiences, emotions, and thoughts, all of which make up the genetic code that’s passed down to us. This, in turn, forms our physical appearance.

But let’s not forget about the inner beauty – that’s born out of our personal growth and the evolution of our consciousness. Now, here’s where things get really interesting. Consider this: what if the unrealized desires, thoughts, and personality traits of our ancestors are actually imprinted within our genes? In essence, they’re still living within us, functioning as part of us. This amalgamation of past thought and experience might be a significant contributor to our physical appearance.

If we could address and resolve these inherited, unfulfilled desires. It’s like carrying a torch for our ancestors, resolving issues they never managed to. If we could do that, it’s possible our physical appearance could change in response. It’s a bit like a deep dive into our own psyche, unearthing and understanding these inherited desires and traits. It’s a journey into self-discovery, but with a possible twist: you might not just find out more about who you are, but also subtly alter how you look. Now, isn’t that something worth pondering?

Physical attractiveness is inherited from a distinct origin compared to inner beauty. Your physical appearance is a genetic legacy from your parents, as their physical attributes combine to create your own. In contrast, inner beauty emerges from the personal growth of your consciousness, a process shaped by numerous past existences.

Your unique persona is a fusion of these two elements: the physical characteristics passed down from your parents and the spiritual legacy formed from your past lives, encompassing consciousness, bliss, and joy. Thus, it’s not always a given that one’s outward appearance will reflect their inner spirit, or vice versa.

However, there are instances when your inner light is so profound that it emanates through your physical form. Your physical features might not conform to traditional standards of beauty, but the radiance originating from the depths of your eternal soul can render even an ordinarily unattractive body beautiful and luminous.

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