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Translated teachings of Master Patana

Conscious Manifestations. Not From The Subconscious.

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In the spiritual realm, the notion of Manifestation holds a significant place. It is often perceived as the power of the Divine or Universe in guiding our energies. However, it is essential to understand that manifestation does not primarily manifest thoughts in the subconscious mind as widely believed. Rather, it relates to the direction in which our energies are most abundantly flowing.

“Manifestation aligns with the direction in which your energies are predominantly channeled. When these energies are primarily flowing toward unconscious negative states, the events associated with these states become magnified. Consequently, more events of a similar nature begin to materialize in one’s reality. This phenomenon is guided by a higher purpose, as per the Divine Law. The Law aims for individuals to rise above and transcend these negative states. Therefore, it ensures that such states manifest as tangible events in our lives, prompting us to experience them, take constructive action, and reflect deeply. This process of transcendence ultimately leads us to attain a heightened level of conscious awareness.”

The Role of Emotions:

Take, for instance, emotions such as anger, resentment, grudges and hatred. Such emotions are mostly negative and unconsciously experienced. These emotions have a tendency to drain the spiritual energies that are crucial for manifestation. The energies we should be harnessing for positive outcomes are instead being diverted and exhausted by these negative states.

The Dilemma of Unconsciousness:

One notable challenge is that these negative states are often unconscious. Consequently, unless one transcends these emotions, the spiritual energies continue to be directed towards them. This is where the misunderstanding arises – people believe that manifestations occur in the subconscious. However, manifestation can be a completely conscious process, provided the energies are made conscious.

The Polarity of Emotions:

It is important to understand that emotions possess polarity. Negative emotions tend to drain energy, whereas genuine positive emotions have the capacity to accumulate and attract new energies. For example, if one engages in activities or conversations that engender negativity towards someone or a situation, the energies are likely to be exhausted. When the majority of energies are aligned with these emotions, manifestations of these feelings are probable. This is the underlying law governing the process of manifestation. Moreover, individuals often seek validation and agreement from others in such negative states, which results in further depletion of energies.

Transitioning to Positivity through Awareness:

The key to redirecting energies for positive manifestation lies in being consciously aware of one’s negative emotions. This awareness, coupled with a sincere understanding of the futility of harboring negative thoughts, is instrumental in shifting out of the negative state. When the deeper part of one’s being recognizes this, the mind naturally reacts by altering its course.

The Importance of Conscious Awareness:

It is vital to realize that simply adopting a positive outlook without acknowledging the underlying negativity is futile. The energies will still flow towards the unconscious negative state, rendering the positive thinking ineffective. True manifestation becomes possible only after attaining awareness of the negative emotions. At this juncture, energies can be consciously channeled towards intentional, positive outcomes. These energies can then be projected with utmost consciousness, aligning with the will of the Divine or Universe.

Manifestation is a spiritual journey that involves the conscious direction of one’s energies. It is not solely about the subconscious mind, but rather the awareness and control over one’s emotions. By acknowledging and transcending negative states and consciously channeling energies towards positive intentions, one can successfully engage in the process of manifestation, harmonizing with the Divine or Universe.

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