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Translated teachings of Master Patana

Mae Nang Kwak For Prosperity, Luck, Wealth

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Mae Nang Kwak is one of the most well-known and revered amulets in Thai culture. This amulet represents a female deity who is considered the embodiment of prosperity and wealth. She is often depicted in a seated position with her right hand raised in a beckoning gesture, similar to the Japanese Maneki Neko (Lucky Cat).


The origins of Mae Nang Kwak can be traced back to ancient times. There is a belief that Mae Nang Kwak was originally a benevolent earth spirit who was deeply connected to the fertility of the land. Some say she was the guardian of rice fields and granaries, ensuring abundant harvests for the people.

As trade began to flourish in ancient Thailand, the role of Mae Nang Kwak evolved. The traders and merchants who often had to travel long distances started to worship her as the goddess of wealth and commerce. They believed that by invoking her blessings, they could ensure safe journeys and lucrative trades. The practice was then adopted by shopkeepers and business owners who believed that Mae Nang Kwak would beckon customers and wealth into their establishments.

There is also a popular legend that Mae Nang Kwak was once a beautiful woman named Nang Kwak, who lived in a village. Her beauty and grace were known throughout the land. Despite her family’s poverty, her mere presence seemed to bring prosperity and abundance to her household. As she grew, her fame spread, and she was deified by the locals as the embodiment of wealth and prosperity.


Mae Nang Kwak amulets are believed to bestow a multitude of benefits upon their owners, including:

  1. Attraction of Wealth: The primary benefit associated with Mae Nang Kwak is the attraction of wealth and prosperity. Business owners believe that having this amulet in their shops will draw in customers and sales.
  2. Protection: Some believe that Mae Nang Kwak offers protection against evil spirits and negative energies, particularly those that can impact one’s financial well-being.
  3. Good Fortune: Beyond wealth, she is also considered a bringer of good luck and fortune in various aspects of life.
  4. Social Benefits: Some adherents believe that the amulet can also improve social relationships and help gain favor from others.

How to Pray to Mae Nang Kwak:

To invoke the blessings of Mae Nang Kwak, it is important to create a respectful environment. Many people set up a small altar or shrine in their homes or businesses where they place the amulet.

  1. Offerings: Place offerings such as flowers, incense, candles, and sweets before the amulet. Some also offer traditional Thai desserts and rice as a nod to her ancient connections with agriculture.
  2. Chanting: There are specific chants associated with Mae Nang Kwak.
  3. Meditation and Visualization: While chanting, close your eyes and visualize the blessings and abundance that you wish to receive. Imagine Mae Nang Kwak beckoning prosperity towards you.
  4. Expression of Gratitude: Finally, express your gratitude to Mae Nang Kwak for her blessings and assistance.
  5. Daily Rituals: Some devotees make it a practice to pray daily, especially business owners who may start their day by paying respects to Mae Nang Kwak before opening their establishments.

It is important to approach this practice with genuine respect and sincerity, as it is deeply rooted in Thai culture and spirituality.

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