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Translated teachings of Master Patana

A Story: Embracing Action Beyond Prophecy

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Once upon a time, in a land shrouded by mist and mystery, there lived a man named Kieran. He was a seeker, forever yearning for guidance and answers that would illuminate his path. Whenever doubts clouded his mind or life’s challenges seemed insurmountable, he sought solace in the words of fortune tellers.

One day, burdened by a heavy heart and a soul in search of relief, Kieran visited a renowned fortune teller. The seer gazed into the depths of his being and spoke of shadows that lay ahead. “You shall face trials and suffering,” prophesied the fortune teller, “but fear not, for there are remedies. Prayers and the art of geomancy shall be your guides.”

Taking these words to heart, Kieran immersed himself in endless prayers, seeking solace in divine intervention. He studied the ancient wisdom of geomancy, tirelessly seeking remedies to avert the foretold hardships. His energies were consumed by these practices, yet he failed to take tangible actions to address the challenges he faced.

Despite his dedicated efforts, the remedies offered by prayers and geomancy did not bring the relief he sought. The shadows persisted, casting a pall over his life. Driven by desperation, Kieran sought counsel from numerous fortune tellers, one after another, hoping to find the elusive answer that would set him free.

To his dismay, almost every fortune teller echoed the same prophecy and offered the same remedies he had already tried. Each visit left him disheartened, his faith shaken. He yearned for a glimmer of hope, a glimpse of a brighter future.

In his relentless pursuit, Kieran’s quest led him to another renowned fortune teller. The atmosphere in the room felt different, charged with an air of anticipation. As Kieran sat before the seer, anxious yet hopeful, he awaited the prophecy that would offer respite.

To his surprise, the fortune teller spoke words of comfort and promise. “You are destined for a life of abundance,” declared the seer. “Wealth and a windfall of fortunes shall find their way to you.” Overwhelmed with relief, Kieran clung to these words, cherishing the hope they ignited within him.

Believing that his days of struggle were finally over, Kieran stopped seeking remedies and took solace in the anticipation of the good fortune prophesied. He waited patiently, year after year, for the promised windfall to arrive. Time slipped through his fingers like sand, and he found himself growing old, aged 75, still waiting for the abundance that eluded him.

In the twilight of his life, Kieran reflected upon his journey. He realized the profound mistake he had made, placing his faith solely in the words of fortune tellers, clinging to the prophecies that aligned with his desires. In his quest for comfort, he had forsaken the power of action and neglected the present moment.

The moral of Kieran’s tale became clear: the path of anticipation and wishful thinking leads only to disappointment. The purpose of divination and fortune telling is not to fuel our expectations or grant us momentary solace. It is a call to look within, to assess our present circumstances, and to take conscious actions that shape our destinies.

Let Kieran’s story be a guiding light. Embrace divination as a tool for self-reflection, a mirror that reveals the seeds we have sown and the changes we must embrace. Instead of anticipating what the future may hold, let us find solace in the present moment and forge a path of conscious action, for it is in our choices and deeds that true transformation awaits.

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