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Translated teachings of Master Patana

Chakras: The Journey of Sexual Energy through the Chakras

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Imagine yourself as a vibrant house, and within this house are rooms, each unique in its design, serving a distinct purpose, and vibrating with an energy of its own. These rooms within you are akin to your chakras – the energy centers within your being. And flowing through these rooms, like an energetic river, is your life force – your sexual energy.

The chakras, seven in number, are your inner realm’s vital points, running along your spine from its base to the crown of your head. Just as each room in a house holds a different ambiance, each chakra carries a unique frequency and governs different aspects of your life. And how this energy journeys through these chakras shapes your experience, including the process of manifestation.

Base of The Spine: The Root Chakra

The journey of our sexual energy begins at the root chakra, located at the base of our spine. Imagine it as the foundation of our house, anchoring us to the earth, providing us with a sense of security and survival. When our sexual energy resides here, our basic instincts drive us, and our manifestations often revolve around primal needs – safety, food, and survival.

Sacral Chakra: The Seat of Sensual Energy

Moving upwards, the next station is the sacral chakra, located just below our navel. It’s the room of pleasure, creativity, and sensuality. Here, our sexual energy takes on a playful, creative vibe. When our life force resides or gets stuck here, our desires and manifestations often revolve around pleasure, relationships, and creative pursuits.

Power Center: The Solar Plexus Chakra

Further up, in the solar plexus area, lies the chakra that governs our sense of self – our ego, personal power, and self-esteem. It’s like the office or study room within our house. When our sexual energy fuels this chakra, we’re driven by a desire to assert our identity, achieve personal goals, and command respect. Our manifestations here are often linked to personal achievement and recognition.

Bridge Between Worlds: The Heart Chakra

Midway on our journey is the heart chakra, the bridge between the physical and spiritual realms. It’s like the living room in our house, a place of connection, love, and openness. When our sexual energy ascends to the heart chakra and fuels it, we begin to crave deeper, more meaningful connections. Our desires and manifestations become centered on love, compassion, and universal connection.

Communication Highway: The Throat Chakra

Further up, at the throat, lies the chakra of communication and expression. This is our library or meeting room, where we voice our thoughts, express our feelings, and assert our truth. When our sexual energy fuels this chakra, we yearn to express ourselves freely and authentically, leading to manifestations centered around truthful expression and effective communication.

Insight Central: The Third Eye Chakra

Near the top of our head, nestled between our brows, is the third eye chakra, our inner command center for intuition, wisdom, and spiritual insight. This room is like our meditation or prayer room, filled with tranquility, clarity, and deep understanding. When our sexual energy reaches here, it transforms into a desire for wisdom, spiritual growth, and understanding. Our manifestations become about intuitive guidance and spiritual insight.

Crowning Glory: The Crown Chakra

At the crown of our head is the final chakra, our connection point to the universe, divine wisdom, and enlightenment. It’s like the rooftop of our house, open to the sky, receiving the universal energy. When our sexual energy reaches here, we’ve ascended from individual consciousness to universal consciousness. Our manifestations become aligned with the greater good, and we tap into the ultimate potential for conscious creation.

Navigating Through the Chakras

Understanding the journey of our sexual energy through these chakras is like gaining a map to navigate our inner house. As we learn to guide this energy, to let it flow freely, and ascend from lower chakras to higher ones, we empower ourselves to manifest consciously. We learn to shape our desires, not out of fear or lack, but from love, wisdom, and unity.

Remember, you are the architect of your inner house, the conductor of your life’s symphony. Learning to guide your sexual energy through your chakras is like mastering the art of playing this beautiful instrument of life. With each chakra serving as a unique note, you create a harmonious melody, a dance of conscious manifestation, a journey of transformation from the physical to the spiritual.

And so, begin this journey. Explore your inner house, let your life-force flow freely, and tune into the symphony of your soul. And in this grand performance of life, manifest a reality that resonates with your deepest desires and highest truth.

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