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Translated teachings of Master Patana

Your Divine Nature: Focus and Energies Flow

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We gather today to share wisdom that speaks to the very core of our being, the delicate and vital flow of energy within us. This is not a mere metaphor or a figment of imagination, but a fundamental reality of our existence, as intrinsic as the air we breathe.

Let us begin with intention. Intention is not a wishful thought; it is the rudder of the ship guiding us through the vast ocean of consciousness. With intention, we command the direction of our energy.

Now, focus your awareness on your breath. Realize that your breath is a potent carrier of energy. This is the primal connection between the body and the spirit. It is the breath that channels the life force.

As you breathe and place your attention on a specific chakra, know that this is not an imaginative exercise. The energy truly flows to the chakra you are focusing on. This is the interplay of your consciousness and the inherent energies that course through you.

Experiment and Experience With This Simple Exercises:

Begin by focusing on your third eye, at the center of your forehead. As you breathe, genuinely experience the energies amassing in that area. This is real, and as you sharpen your awareness, the sensation becomes undeniable. Your breath is like a magnet, pulling energy from a battery at the base of your spine. The more you concentrate, the stronger the magnet gets. Feel this energy being drawn upward to your third eye.

Shift your focus down to your throat. As you inhale and exhale, feel the energies being drawn to this region. This is where the power of your voice and expression resides.

Move further down to your heart. As you breathe with focus on your heart chakra, don’t just visualize but feel the energy being attracted to this area. Herein lies the boundless compassion and love that you are capable of.

Continue to your navel and the root chakra, immersing yourself in the energies that converge in this region. It is here, in the sacral and root chakras, where energies are most palpable. The reason for this is that we often operate from this center in our day-to-day lives. It is in this area where the potent life force, sometimes referred to as kundalini, initially resides. This is the font of creation, where not only sexual energies are centered but also the driving forces behind our basic desires and needs. The energy in this region is raw and powerful; it stabilizes and grounds us. It connects us to our primal instincts and our physical being. As you focus and breathe into these chakras, feel the inherent strength and vitality. Be aware of its power, but also seek balance, for mastering and harmonizing this energy is key to spiritual progression.

Now, let us address the nature of thoughts and their impact on energies. Thoughts are not merely passive; they too have energy. When thoughts of lust and primal desires arise, you will experience energies moving downwards. Conversely, when thoughts of love and gratitude are present, feel the energy ascend to the heart. This is not imagination but a tangible movement within you. Put awareness to the movement and you will notice it.

Understand that this process is an embodiment of your inherent connection to the cosmos. When in need of creativity, channel your energy to the heart. When your words need to make an impact, direct the energy to the throat. When you need insight, let the energy rise to the crown of your head. It is simply by placing your awareness, and focus on the specific chakra region and feel the energy directing there through your breath.

This is a living, breathing testament of your divine nature. As you cultivate this understanding and experience, not only are you nourishing your own spirit but you are also transforming into a conduit of positivity and change in the world around you.

Bear in mind that wherever your thoughts are directed, energy dynamically flows to invigorate and magnify that focus. This is an aspect of your divine nature, a potent force that can be harnessed for growth or misused. When thoughts are negative, there is an amplification of negativity, and it creates a cascade effect that opens channels for more negative energies to permeate, pulling the energies downward. It’s essential to recognize this to wield your focus wisely and nourish that which is positive and elevating.

May each breath you take be a step closer to your true self, and may the energies within you always flow in harmony with your highest good.

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