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Translated teachings of Master Patana

Law of Attraction and Conscious Manifestation

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The Dance of Energy: Law of Attraction and Conscious Manifestation

Have you ever wondered about the idea of creating your reality? About how the direction of your energy shapes your life? This concept is encapsulated in a principle known as the law of attraction, a cosmic law of the universe that reflects the idea, “As within, so without.” Simply put, the law of attraction teaches that what we focus on, we attract into our existence, whether it’s good, bad, conscious, or unconscious. But the law isn’t as straightforward as it might initially appear. It’s not just about focusing on a new car and having it magically appear in your driveway. It’s a deep, intricate dance of energy, of conscious and unconscious forces, playing out within us and mirrored in the world around us.

Let’s delve deeper into this dance. It’s not just the conscious desires of wealth, success, or happiness that influence our reality; it’s also our unconscious thoughts, often filled with fears, anxieties, and worries. These unconscious desires and fears are like seeds sown in the fertile soil of our mind. Given enough energy, they grow, sprouting into our reality in unexpected ways.

You see, much of what we do or strive to achieve is driven by these unconscious fears and lacks. They are the thoughts given the most energy, the most attention, whether we realize it or not. Our energy, in turn, attracts and manifests these unconscious desires and fears. It’s like a stream of water flowing down a mountain, it naturally takes the path of least resistance. Our energy, much like this water, flows most naturally to our unconscious thoughts and desires, creating a cycle of unconscious manifestation.

But let us pause here and recognize that the law of attraction isn’t solely a law of unconscious manifestation. It’s a law of conscious manifestation as well. A law of awakening. A law of spiritual growth. Conscious manifestation occurs when we have ultimate clarity and control of our inner spiritual energies, consciously directing them to manifest our deepest desires.

Now, you might ask, “What fuels this dance of energy?” The root of it all lies in our sexual energy. The energy that births life itself. The energy that carries with it the potential for immense creation. Our sexual energy is a potent force. And it’s the origin of both conscious and unconscious manifestations.

Consider your body as a vessel, housing various chakras or energy centers. When sexual energy remains in the chakras below our heart, it largely fuels unconscious manifestations. It’s as if we’re creating reality with our eyes closed, guided by our fears, our anxieties, our unconscious desires.

But what happens when we move this energy upwards, to the heart chakra or the head chakra? When it reaches the heart, it becomes love, compassion, empathy, and when it reaches the head, it becomes wisdom, enlightenment, and clarity. This sexual energy, having ascended, becomes spiritual, becomes conscious.

This conscious energy is like a stream of light, illuminating our inner depths, dispelling shadows, bringing clarity to our desires. With this clarity and awareness, we can consciously guide our energy, our thoughts, and consequently, our manifestations. No longer are we creating from a place of fear or lack, but from a place of love, abundance, and wisdom.

Think of it like tending to a garden. When we consciously cultivate our inner landscape, when we choose where to water and what seeds to plant, we become the conscious architects of our own lives. We manifest from a place of intention, clarity, and wisdom.

This is the dance of energy within us. A dance of unconscious and conscious manifestations. A dance that shapes our reality in every moment. Remember, dear friends, we are

manifesting every moment, the momentum of manifestation never stops. Where your energy flows, that’s what grows. So, be mindful of your garden, of where your energy flows. Plant consciously, water wisely, and tend lovingly.

In this cosmic dance of energy, we are not just participants, we are creators. The law of attraction is not something external to us, but is deeply embedded in our very being, in the ebb and flow of our energies. As we understand and master the movement of our energy, from unconscious to conscious, we transform the dance of our life, from one of fear and lack to one of love and abundance. We awaken to the powerful creator within us.

Remember: Where your energy flows, your reality grows. Whether you do it unconsciously out of fear or consciously out of love and clarity, you are always manifesting. So, the question is not whether you are manifesting, but what you are manifesting. It’s time to awaken, to guide your energy consciously, and to manifest a reality that reflects your highest potential. Dance with the energy within you, for it is the dance of the universe.

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