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Translated teachings of Master Patana

Intellectual is Not Intelligence

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Let’s picture life as an elegant dance. The brain has mastered the steps through learning and practice. It functions logically, rationally, and represents our intellect. However, dancing is not solely about the steps. It encompasses the rhythm, the emotions, and the intuition, and this is where intelligence makes its entrance. Intelligence is akin to the music that shapes the dance, the innate sense guiding our movements. It’s a deep-seated feeling rather than something acquired or borrowed.

Now, let’s dwell on the distinction between intelligence and intellect. The intellect resembles a well-trodden trail – familiar, secure, and governed by logic. It is the instrument we employ to make sense of the world, to engage in debates and to reason. However, it has its limits. Beyond a certain point, we must dare to explore uncharted territory, and this is where intelligence becomes our ally. It acts like a compass in the absence of a clear path, and as an inner light that reveals the way.

Every child enters the world equipped with this innate light, this inherent intelligence. However, societal norms often dim this light as we are encouraged to conform, to emulate others. This process can stifle our natural intelligence until we no longer recognize it. Intelligence is intrinsic, like breathing or seeing. It is the capacity to perceive intuitively, and cannot be artificially developed or borrowed.

Observing nature, we can see that animals and plants, indeed all of existence, possess intelligence. Despite the abundance of intellectually educated individuals, genuine intelligence is rare, akin to finding a needle in a haystack.

This scarcity arises because societal pressures often lead us to suppress our natural abilities in favor of imitation. Parents may desire their children to emulate them or famous figures, inadvertently limiting their potential. Comparison to others can cloud our vision and authenticity, leaving us adrift.

We must advocate for an education system that honors individuality instead of imposing a one-size-fits-all approach. No one is born devoid of intelligence. We are products of an inherently intelligent existence. However, societal pressures can reshape us to the point where we lose touch with our true selves.

To reconnect with your innate intelligence, a courageous change is required. This entails shedding the layers imposed upon you and embarking on a journey of self-discovery. Recognize your uniqueness and incomparability.

Those who rely solely on routine often lack genuine intelligence. Afraid to face life’s unpredictability, they surround themselves with structured responses. Life, however, is dynamic and ever-evolving. An arsenal of canned responses will leave you unprepared for life’s questions.

True intelligence involves embracing life without preconceived notions. It’s characterized by vibrancy, innovation, and spontaneity. It means letting go of the past and fully engaging with the present.

The intellect, housed in the mind, is a storehouse of information but does not equate to genuine intelligence. Real intelligence emanates from the heart. While the mind is invaluable for tasks like calculations and daily logistics, it’s just one aspect of existence. Relying solely on the mind results in missing the richness of emotions, the heart’s gifts, and the grace that can only be accessed through the heart.

Heartfelt intelligence brings poetry to your life, rhythm to your steps, and fills your days with joy, celebration, and laughter. It bestows upon you a sense of humor, love, and generosity.

Living through the intellect is like dwelling in a planned city – orderly, predictable, and mechanical. It may provide comfort, but lacks life’s true vigor. The heart is where life flourishes, where love blossoms and divinity takes root.

In an intelligent life, the heart serves as the guiding force, while the intellect functions as an aide. When the intellect dominates and neglects the heart, life becomes impoverished.

True intelligence extends beyond knowledge. It encompasses how we perceive and engage with the world, the openness to new experiences, adaptability, understanding, and empathy. It involves seeing the bigger picture, independent thinking, curiosity, and embracing life with zeal and authenticity. This is the essence of true intelligence.

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