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Translated teachings of Master Patana

Secret Alchemy of Love Energy to Success and Abundance in Life.

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In the journey of life, there are energies that propel us forward, that inspire and enliven our journeys. Among the most potent of these is the energy of love. You see, love, genuine love, is not a commodity, it is not quantifiable, it is not something that diminishes when shared, rather, it magnifies. When actions and decisions are rooted in this fertile ground of love, they acquire a transformative power, they become alchemical, capable of turning the most ordinary into the extraordinary.

“Love is more than just a psychological or emotional state; it is energy. It’s a force that can spark significant changes, radiating warmth, compassion, and understanding. Genuine love is anchored in our emotions, it flows freely and honestly from our hearts. When love is limited to a psychological state, it can become hypocritical, a mere performance without the soulful essence of the emotion. It’s essential to recognize and foster love as an emotional energy, as this is when it’s at its most authentic and potent.”

Unfortunately, the vast majority of people operate from a place of fear, anxiety, or scarcity, instead of love. It is the system that promotes such thinking, and we, often unknowingly, become part of it. Our jobs, the work we do, the daily grind, it all becomes a tiresome struggle if it’s not tethered to love, to a genuine passion. But it does not have to be this way. One can indeed find something they genuinely love to do and transform it into their work or business. It requires introspection, sensitivity, and meditation. It calls for a quiet rebellion against the status quo, a gentle yet firm assertion of love over fear, of abundance over scarcity.

Let me share a story of a dear disciple, a wholesaler of women’s dresses. She was successful in a worldly sense, her dresses sold well, and she earned a handsome sum. Yet, despite her material abundance, there was an emptiness that gnawed at her. She tried to fill this void with luxury goods, with more and more material possessions. But the void only grew deeper. The cycle of earning and spending, of unconscious attempts to satiate an inner longing, left her weary and dissatisfied.

When she came to me, I suggested her to pair her career with genuine love. “How do I do that?” She asked. “You have to turn this energy into the inner alchemy of love,” I said. It meant not just making money, but also using that money in ways that resonate with love, with care, with compassion.

Taking my words to heart, she started allocating a part of her earnings to helping others. She donated to the needy, funded medical supplies for hospitals, sponsored books for poor children, inspired others towards spirituality. These were not acts of calculated generosity; they were born out of genuine love, a sincere desire to make a difference. And guess what happened? The more she gave, the more she received. The emptiness within her started to recede, replaced by a sense of fulfillment, of purpose, of love.

Her wealth continued to grow, and with it, her capacity to give. Her influence spread to various provinces, touching and transforming countless lives. But it was never about the scale of her charity, the magnitude of her donations. It was about the genuine love with which she engaged in these activities.

Through her story, we can see the alchemy of love at work. When she was operating from a place of fear, of scarcity, her abundance was always fleeting, always just out of reach. But when she allowed love to guide her actions, when she engaged in the act of giving not as a duty but as a joy, abundance flowed freely. The love energy she invested was replenished and magnified, creating a cycle of giving and receiving that was not draining, but energizing.

Her journey teaches us a vital lesson: Love is not just an emotion; it’s an energy, a force of transformation. When we approach our work, our life, with genuine love, we attract more – more love, more abundance, more fulfillment.

Remember, it’s not about how much we earn, or how much we give, it’s about how much love we put into earning and giving. Let love be the alchemy that transforms your life. Let it be the energy that drives your actions. And watch how abundance follows, naturally, effortlessly.

Be like a flower that shares its fragrance freely, without calculating how much it’s giving away, or expecting anything in return. And just as the flower attracts bees and butterflies, so will you attract abundance, love, and fulfillment. Be that flower. Be love. Be abundance. Be all that you are, and all that you can be.

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