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Translated teachings of Master Patana

Lack of Love: The Root of All Problems

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Let us explore the profound concept that the lack of love is the root of every problem we encounter in our lives. It is a saddening truth that love has become repressed in our society, leading us to twist its pure essence and seek it out in unconscious and distorted ways. However, we must understand that love is the very essence of everything in existence. It is love that gives rise to consciousness, creativity, good health, and enlightenment.

The repression of love in our lives has caused immense confusion in our minds, transforming them into perverted entities. Even within the sacred bond between parents and children, we witness fear and hesitation when it comes to expressing love through simple acts such as hugs and kisses. This fear has stemmed from the misguided belief that such acts may lead to inappropriate thoughts or actions of a sexual nature. However, this association is a consequence of the repression of love itself.

We must recognize that a genuine, intimate hug between a parent and child holds immense power. It transcends words and intellectual understanding; it is a language of pure feeling. Yet, out of fear, we have avoided such expressions of love. As children reach the stage of maturity, the absence of love and its expression from their parents can unconsciously lead them to seek twisted and distorted forms of love elsewhere.

The remedy lies in the simple act of embracing our children with love and genuine intimacy. By providing them with enough hugs and expressions of love, we elevate their consciousness and spiritual awareness. No teachings are required when a child experiences this profound intimacy. The abundance of genuine love expands their consciousness to such a degree that they can effortlessly share it with others, and it blossoms into compassion.

A heartfelt hug possesses immense therapeutic power, transcending all languages and intellectual constructs. For those who have not experienced an abundance of love, their search for meaning in love becomes limited to the intellectual realm, which ultimately proves impossible. The more we strive to understand love through intellectual means, the further we drift from grasping its true essence. The only path to truly comprehend love is to embody it fully, to immerse ourselves completely in its embrace. Love is not something to be dissected or analyzed; it is something to be felt, experienced, and lived.

Regrettably, our society has associated love primarily with material possessions. As parents, we often console ourselves with material gifts, falsely believing that it compensates for the lack of intimate love we express to our children. This avoidance of intimacy stems from our own repressed emotions and fears, which contaminate our minds and prevent them from being pure and receptive to love.

Love is the essence of all creation, and its absence can manifest as physical ailments and diseases. The prevalence of diseases such as cancer can often be traced back to the lack of love in our lives. When love energy is repressed, the body seeks alternative ways to express it. Cells and the immune system, in their desperate attempt to release this pent-up energy, may result in the formation of tumors. It is akin to a high-pressure cooker seeking an outlet.

To break free from this cycle, we must first become aware of the repression within us. By attentively observing our thoughts without judgment or control, we allow them to freely express themselves. In this process of conscious witnessing, the repressed energies begin to dissolve. We can consciously redirect these energies upward, towards our hearts. As the energies reach the heart center, they manifest as creative expressions, love, and compassion.

Therefore, let us confront the lack of love within ourselves and society. Let us break free from the chains of repression and embrace love in its purest form. May we express our love freely and intimately, nurturing the hearts and souls of our children. By doing so, we not only heal ourselves but also create a ripple effect of love, consciousness, and compassion that will transform the world.

In the end, it is love that guides us to our true essence and purpose. Embrace it fully and let it flow unbounded.

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