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Translated teachings of Master Patana

Creating Deities from Mental Energies: A Confluence of Collective Consciousness, Quantum Science, and Metaphysics

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In the universe of spirituality, and metaphysics wisdom, there’s a compelling phenomenon that manifests deities from an accumulation of mental energies. The foundational premise lies in the idea that the human mind, with its power of faith and collective consciousness, can shape abstract concepts into tangible entities. This idea, though steeped in ancient wisdom, also finds resonance in modern fields like quantum science, energy science, and advanced metaphysics.

Collective Consciousness:

The concept of collective consciousness reflects the shared beliefs, ideas, and moral attitudes that unite a society, culture, or humanity. It operates on the assumption that there is a shared reservoir of thoughts and feelings that pervades the human psyche, connecting individuals in a web of collective understanding and knowledge.

The manifestation of deities can be perceived as a product of this collective consciousness. An idea, symbol, or image charged with immense mental energies and faith can morph into a deity—a living entity infused with unique attributes. This deity represents the combined mental energies and collective beliefs that have breathed life into its existence.

Harnessing Mental Energies:

Mental energy is an elusive yet potent force that humans project through their thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. This energy, with its inherent quantum properties, has the capability of influencing matter around it, being both particle and wave simultaneously.

Channelling this energy involves intense focus on a specific image or idea, similar to practices of meditation or visualization. Once the deity’s image and characteristics are etched in the minds of believers, the collective mental energy begins to crystallize this vision into reality, bestowing upon the deity its own unique existence.

Collective Manifestations:

Religious contexts frequently exemplify collective manifestations of deities. Symbols, statues, and images associated with a deity are often perceived as repositories of divine energies. These objects, or even a mere depiction of a deity, become recipients of concentrated mental energies from the faithful. Over time, the accumulated mental energies become powerful enough to animate the deity, enabling it to interact with believers through miracles, blessings, and protection.

Sacred sites also offer a clear illustration of collective manifestations. As legions of believers visit these sites filled with devotion and reverence, their collective mental energies consecrate the space, transforming it into a powerful, sacred location.

Interplay with Quantum Science:

Modern physics and quantum mechanics offer scientific support to the notion of deity manifestation through mental energies. The observer effect, a tenet of quantum mechanics, states that the act of observation influences the observed. Therefore, when millions direct their focused mental energies towards an image or idea, they effectively observe it, thereby impacting its state and actualizing its existence.

Wave-particle duality, another principle of quantum physics, similarly contributes to the understanding of this phenomenon. Here, mental energies play dual roles—as focused thoughts and beliefs (particles), and as pervasive energies (waves)—leading to the manifestation of the deity.

Understanding the manifestation of deities from mental energies provides insight into the power of human belief and collective consciousness. It broadens our comprehension of reality and reveals the profound impact of our thoughts and beliefs on the universe. This intricate web of collective consciousness, mental energies, and quantum metaphysics suggests that we are not merely observers in our universe but active participants, capable of shaping and redefining our shared reality.

The creation of deities through mental energies is a testament to the limitless potential of our thoughts to influence and construct our realities. It emphasizes the interconnectedness of all beings and the universe, thereby redefining our understanding of self, others, and the world around us.

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