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Translated teachings of Master Patana

Phra Ngan Amulets: An Ancient Connection to Stellar Elemental Beings

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In the far stretches of Thailand’s rich culture lies a mystical tradition rooted in the ancient world. Phra Ngan amulets have been revered and sought after for centuries. They are not just art pieces or mere accessories, but are believed to hold a deep spiritual significance.

A Glimpse into Ancient Times

In ancient times, Phra Ngans were not perceived as mere earthly spirits. The elders and sages believed them to be entities originating from other stars. They were regarded as elemental beings, each possessing its own unique attributes and powers. These beings were not fully enlightened, but they were not malevolent either. They were beings of great wisdom and intelligence, just a few steps away from attaining enlightenment.

The Intuitive Connection of the Ancients

The ancient peoples had a deep spiritual connection with the world around them. They believed that through meditation and a less troubled mind, they could connect with and even witness the Phra Ngans. Their strong intuition, unclouded by modern worries and knowledge, enabled them to receive guidance from these elemental beings.

This ancient belief suggests that humans inherently possess a certain spiritual perception which has been subdued as humanity moved towards a more hectic and materialistic lifestyle. Our minds, clouded by modern knowledge and worries, have lost touch with the intuitive faculties that allowed our ancestors to communicate with the Phra Ngans.

Aligning Energies and Channeling Life Force

One of the profound beliefs associated with Phra Ngan is that when a person aligns with the energies of Phra Ngan’s realm, they can channel an immense life force. This life force is particularly associated with attraction energies. This is because the energy channeled is also linked to sexual energy, which is concentrated in the sacral center.

Phra Ngan amulets are often worn below the waist to align with the sacral center. When the sexual energy accumulates, it becomes a force of attraction. This energy is fundamental to life; every thought, desire, and creation stems from this potent force. It is the wellspring from which all energies flow.

The Awakening and Manifestation

The sexual energy associated with Phra Ngan is not just for physical attraction or lust; it can be much more when channeled correctly. By moving these energies upwards consciously towards the heart, it undergoes an awakening. Once awakened, these energies can be utilized for manifestations.

An awakened heart, fueled by the life force, can be an extraordinarily powerful tool. It can help manifest desires and aspirations, create a deeper connection with the world, and possibly even reconnect with the energies of the Phra Ngans as the ancients did.

Phra Ngan amulets are more than just pieces of cultural art; they are believed to be the physical embodiment of ancient elemental beings that guided our ancestors. While the modern world may have distanced many from the spiritual path, the Phra Ngan amulets serve as a reminder of the wisdom, guidance, and energies that can be attained through spiritual alignment and the channeling of the life force.

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