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Translated teachings of Master Patana

The Practice of Conscious Energy Direction

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In the vast canvas of existence, we are both the painter and the painting, the brush stroke and the color, the vision and the actualization. We possess within us a vibrant energy that ceaselessly dances, creating the unique pattern of our lives. This energy dwells within our chakras, the energy centers, commencing at the root and slowly ascending to the crown. However, many of us remain oblivious to this inner energy dance, frequently allowing it to sway to the rhythm of our unconscious desires and fears. To consciously paint a life that aligns with our highest aspirations, we must learn the art of conscious energy direction.

Understanding Energy Flow and Thoughts

Our chakras are like interconnected energy chambers, each having a unique vibrational frequency and function. The root and sacral chakras are closely associated with primal instincts and desires, including fear, survival, and sexual energy. When our energy resides and accumulates in these lower chakras, it often shapes our thoughts and emotions towards these primal instincts and desires.

On the other hand, when this energy rises to the higher chakras, our thoughts and emotions tend to become more refined, imbued with qualities of love, compassion, wisdom, and transcendence. As our energy moves, so do our thoughts and vice versa. This reciprocal relationship between our thoughts and energy is the secret to understanding conscious energy direction.

The Bi-directional Dance of Energy

Picture a reservoir of water with several outlets. The water naturally flows towards the outlets that are open. However, if we consciously close some outlets and open others, we can direct the water flow. Our energy works in a similar manner.

If our reservoir of energy – especially the potent sexual energy at the root – finds open outlets towards primal desires and fears, it naturally flows in that direction. It might lead us to act out these unconscious desires or be consumed by our illusory fears. These actions and thoughts could further strengthen the energy flow towards the lower chakras, creating a feedback loop that could be challenging to break.

However, with conscious intervention, we can change this pattern. We can guide our energy towards our higher chakras, towards thoughts and actions that resonate with our highest good.

The Power of Awareness in Energy Direction

In the process of conscious energy direction, awareness is the key. It’s our torchlight in the seemingly dark labyrinth of unconscious desires and fears. Becoming aware of our negative thoughts and emotions is the first step towards transmuting them.

Often, we may feel compelled to immediately replace negative thoughts with positive ones. However, if we hastily build a castle of positive thoughts on the quicksand of unresolved negative emotions, it may not stand for long. The unaddressed, genuine negative thoughts, where our energy might still reside, could overwhelm our newly-built castle of positive affirmations.

Thus, the task is not to resist or immediately replace these negative thoughts, but to become aware of them, to shine the light of consciousness upon them. By recognizing and acknowledging our fears, angers, and anxieties, we loosen their grip over us. This very awareness initiates the process of detaching from these negative emotions, allowing the energy to begin its upward journey.

Practicing Conscious Energy Direction

So, how does one consciously direct energy? It begins by becoming an observer of your thoughts and emotions, recognizing the negative ones without judgment or resistance. This act of observation detaches you from the emotional undercurrent and initiates the energy’s upward movement.

Imagine sitting by a river, watching the flow of water. You notice a leaf carried by the current. You do not chase the leaf or try to change its course. You merely observe it, letting it drift as it pleases. With time, the leaf disappears from your sight. Your fears and anxieties are like this leaf. Observe them without engagement, and soon, they lose their power over you, allowing your energy to flow freely.

Next, visualize and feel this energy rising from your lower chakras, ascending towards your heart or head. Imagine this energy, once tied to primal instincts, now transforming into love, compassion, or wisdom. Feel the transmutation happening within you. This conscious visualization and feeling aid in directing your energy towards your higher chakras.

Finally, cultivate thoughts and engage in activities that resonate with your highest aspirations. Meditate, practice mindfulness, express gratitude, love openly, and engage in creative pursuits. These actions create positive vibrations, opening the outlets towards the higher chakras and guiding your energy in that direction.

The practice of conscious energy direction is like learning to play a musical instrument. Initially, it might seem challenging. But with consistent practice, you learn to create a symphony that resonates with your highest potential. You learn to consciously direct your energy, creating a reality that is in harmony with your deepest desires.

Remember, you are a divine conductor, orchestrating the dance of energy within you. Your baton is your awareness, your symphony, your life. So, step onto the podium, take control of the baton, and create a symphony that echoes the melody of your highest potential.

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