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Translated teachings of Master Patana

Positive Thinking: Essence or Poison?

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Master Patana’s Wisdom:

Do not fall prey to the popular advice of thinking positively. It may seem counterintuitive, but the more you try to suppress negative thoughts and comparisons, the stronger they will become in your subconscious mind.

Life is full of duality, and we can only appreciate the good by acknowledging the existence of the bad. Without darkness, we would not know light. Without sound, silence would not exist. We must learn to distinguish between knowledge and knowing, and understand that duality exists in everything.

In the context of Master Patana’s teachings, the idea of not making positive thinking a conscious choice is rooted in the concept of duality. Everything in existence has two sides, and the existence of one side necessitates the existence of the other. For example, we can only understand light because we know darkness; we can only understand silence because we know sound. This duality is a fundamental aspect of existence, and trying to suppress one side of the duality (in this case, negative thoughts) can lead to repression and hypocrisy.

Master Patana argues that constantly trying to force oneself to think positively in every situation can actually be counterproductive. Instead, he suggests that we should question whether it is necessary to make assumptions or judgments about a situation or another person at all. In some cases, it may be more beneficial to simply observe the situation without judgment and let our thoughts flow naturally in the moment. This approach can help us avoid falling into the trap of constantly trying to force ourselves to think positively and can lead to a more natural and authentic positivity.

To give an example, imagine a person who is stuck in traffic on their way to an important meeting. The person could choose to become angry and frustrated at the situation, or they could choose to think positively and tell themselves that the traffic will clear up soon. However, according to Master Patana’s teachings, both of these approaches are misguided. Instead, the person could simply observe the traffic without judgment and accept it as part of their experience in that moment. By not trying to force themselves to think positively or negatively, they can allow their thoughts to flow naturally and stay present in the moment.

This approach can also be applied in a work context. Instead of consciously trying to maintain a positive mindset at work, which can sometimes feel forced and artificial, one can focus on finding passion in their work and enjoying the present moment. By doing so, positivity becomes a natural byproduct of the work experience rather than a conscious choice.

This teaching emphasize the importance of recognizing and accepting the duality of existence and not trying to suppress or force one side of it. By questioning the necessity of making assumptions or judgments and allowing our thoughts to flow naturally, we can cultivate a more authentic and natural positivity that is not rooted in ego or repression.

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