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Translated teachings of Master Patana

The Fear of Death: Embracing the Illusion of Life

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Have you ever wondered why we’re so scared of dying? It’s probably because we don’t really understand what death is all about. But here’s something interesting: death and dreams are actually made of the same stuff. Think about how intense and real dreams can feel when you’re fast asleep. Sometimes they even feel more real than your everyday experiences when you’re awake. It’s like diving into a different world.

Now, here’s something to think about: What if, even in your waking state, you’re actually living in a dream? It’s like a big dream where everything and everyone, including you and me, are part of this grand illusion. Imagine that one day, you wake up from this dream-like state and realize, “Whoa! It was all just a dream.” That would be quite a shock, wouldn’t it?

So, the idea is that death and dreams share a common essence. They both have this mysterious quality that can feel so vivid and real. It’s like they’re made of the same stuff, just like how a cloud and a cotton candy are both made of fluffy sweetness. And who knows, maybe when we die, it’s like waking up from a long dream. We might realize that this entire existence we thought was so real was actually just a fantastical dream.

Isn’t it fascinating to think about? It’s like peering into a magical mirror that reflects the connection between dreams and death. Maybe understanding this link can help us ease our fear of dying and embrace the mysterious journey ahead.

When you’re awake, you can question and doubt the reality around you. But when you’re fast asleep, you don’t even think that the dream might not be real. It feels so solid, even more real than what you call reality. Have you ever questioned a dream, thinking that what you’re experiencing is actually a dream? The moment you doubt it, you wake up, and the dream disappears instantly. The dream can only continue when you’re deeply asleep, without any doubt or suspicion.

However, for those who understand that life and death are just two aspects of the same thing, the dream and the so-called reality of your waking life aren’t really different. Just like in the morning, when you wake up and the dream-like existence ends, similarly, in death, you wake up to another dimension of reality. Everything that seemed real until that moment—everything you experienced over so many years—turns into nothing more than a dream. It doesn’t even stay in your mind.

Only when you’ve truly lived life with complete awareness will you stop fearing death. The idea is pretty simple. When we fully embrace life and live consciously, we start to realize how silly it is to constantly chase after desires. We get stuck in a never-ending cycle of wanting more and more, life after life. Until we understand that this pursuit is pointless and futile, we’ll keep chasing and death will keep scaring us.

It’s important to grasp that death, just like life, is made of the same stuff as dreams. Dreams are undeniably vivid and real when you’re asleep. Similarly, death is an awakening to another reality, where the reality we knew for so long just fades away like a dream. By accepting that life is fleeting, we can change our view of death into a peaceful transition—from one illusion to another.

Let’s remember that what we think is reality is actually just a passing illusion. By recognizing the illusory nature of life and death, we can start to let go of our fear and approach the inevitable transition with calmness and acceptance. Through this understanding, we can go beyond the limits of mortality and merge with the timeless essence that fills the universe.

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