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Translated teachings of Master Patana

Elimination and Removal of Karma. Breaking Free from the Chains of Karma

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In the universe’s grand design, all of our experiences are shaped by the karma we create, a subtle yet powerful force that flows through the three entities of mind, body, and spirit. Each of these entities operates within its own karmic space, generating a cycle of cause and effect, action and reaction.

The mind, in particular, can either create or eliminate karma, both positive and negative. Through the cultivation of spiritual knowledge and the intellectual understanding of our existence, we can reduce negative cycles of karma and ultimately eliminate them entirely. The accumulation of karma can become a hindrance, preventing us from aligning with the spiritual space where all mysteries of life reside. Thus, clearing the karmic blockages is crucial if we seek to enter the realm of the divine.

Understanding the workings of our own mind is the key to unlocking the mysteries of karma. As we explore the interactions between the mind, body, and spirit, we can begin to grasp the nature of cause and effect, of how our thoughts and actions lead to the accumulation of karmic energy. Each entity affects and imprints onto the other, creating a complex web of karma that influences our entire being.

All life is born from the accumulation of karma, a reflection of our past actions and intentions. It is vital to realize that karma operates in a cycle, much like the natural elements of water and fire. Just as water evaporates under the heat of fire, only to condense and become water again, karma too operates in a similar infinite cycle.

Anger is an emotion that exemplifies the workings of karma. When we give in to anger, we create a cycle that is accumulative and unstoppable. Anger begets more anger, leading to a state of revenge and destruction. Therefore, we must be mindful of the input we give to our mind, body, and spirit, for they shape our experiences and ultimately determine the trajectory of our lives.

When one seeks revenge, it is not just others who will seek revenge on them, but the negative energy will imprint on their mind, body, and spirit. This is known as physical level karma, and it starts from the state of the mind. If left unchecked, it becomes an accumulated imprint on the spiritual state, leading to deeper unconsciousness.

The negative cycle begins in the mind and then gets imprinted onto the body. The nervous system is affected deeply, leading to more bad choices and ultimately, sickness. This is often the cause of major illnesses. Therefore, it is essential to consciously deal with the mind, which is at the core of Buddhist teachings.

The body is also affected by the food we eat. Certain foods can subtly lead us into a deeper state of unconsciousness triggered by the effects of the food in our nervous system. To maintain a heightened conscious state, it is best to avoid alcohol, drugs, and foods that heighten the state of the nervous system. Foods like garlic, sugar, salt, certain spices, and meats should be eaten in moderation or avoided altogether before meditation.

Eating the wrong food can potentially lead one to a deeper unconscious state, creating a karmic cycle that becomes unstoppable. The effect is usually subtle but accumulative. Most of us are no longer sensitive to these effects on our nervous system and mind because we have been conditioned to handle them since childhood.

However, this conditioning by the nervous system is a karmic cycle in itself. For example, alcoholism triggers the nervous system, affecting judgments and leading to unfavorable actions. One state leads to another, creating a non-stop cycle.

Once the state of the nervous system is heightened through any sensual form, it becomes challenging to experience anything less than what was previously experienced. This leads to a non-stop cycle of seeking the same or better experience. Sensual pleasures are best avoided because expectations will only increase each time and lead one to a deep state of unconsciousness. If one chooses not to be conscious, the cycle will only get bigger.

In the master’s teachings, awareness and watchfulness of the state of body and mind are more important than avoidance. If one is willing to practice awareness and watchfulness of their own state of mind, it is much easier than avoidance. Avoidance keeps one unconscious, while watchfulness creates and raises consciousness.

The spiritual state of karma is where it all begins. Before our first birth as a living organism, we were just a consciousness within the spiritual state, part of the cosmos separated by series of cause and effects (karma). Consciousness by itself is a sort of “Matter” but not perceivable by our senses. It is our nervous system and senses that block us from seeing spiritual consciousness and the truth.

The nature of our mind judges based on the stimulus received by our senses, making it challenging to study or research consciousness beyond the capabilities of our senses. Whatever is imprinted onto the consciousness or spiritual state can be seen by the non-physical third eye when one learns to enter the spiritual state.

In conclusion, the mind, body, and spiritual state are all interconnected, and our choices and actions affect each of these states. It is important to consciously choose positive thoughts, actions, and foods that elevate our consciousness and avoid negative thoughts, actions, and foods that lower our consciousness. This way, we can break the karmic cycle and reach a state of heightened awareness and enlightenment.

In the depth of our spiritual space, lies the truth of our very existence. The inception of all karma starts within this ethereal realm, and then transcends to the physical state, much like the elemental combination of air, fire, earth, water, and metal that manifests into the tangible world. The delicate interdependence of all these elements, and their karmic structure, ensures the continued existence of the physical state.

Just as the interdependence of elements (Fire, water, earth, wind, metal) is crucial to the creation of the physical world, the mind, body, and spirit are inextricably linked in the karmic cycle. If one element is missing or deteriorates, the entire structure crumbles, leading to the ultimate demise of the body and mind, and leaving behind only the imprints on the spiritual consciousness. These imprints on the consciousness are then responsible for the creation of a new physical body and mind, marking the cycle of rebirth.

In this complex structure, rituals and practices work their magic within the spiritual space, effecting change on the karmic cycle of the mind and body. As the spiritual space is altered, the karma of the physical self is also transformed, leading to a new cycle of karmic imprints. It is through this interplay of spiritual and physical planes that we navigate the journey of existence and karma, seeking to understand and unravel the mysteries of our being.

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