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Translated teachings of Master Patana

Luk Krog: Harnessing Spirits of the Departed

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Look Krok or Luk Krog is a type of Thai amulet or talisman that is believed to be inhabited by the spirit of a deceased person who passed away under unusual or violent circumstances. The history of Look Krok is rooted in ancient Thai animistic beliefs and black magic practices.


The Look Krok has been a part of Thai spiritual practices for centuries. Traditionally, it was often associated with black magic and was used for various purposes, sometimes malevolent. The creation of a Look Krok involved the use of human remains or effigies, often of those who died in accidents, violence, or under tragic circumstances. The spirits associated with Look Krok are believed to be in a state of confusion and shock due to the nature of their demise. This, as the belief goes, makes them more susceptible to manipulation by spiritual masters or Ajarns.

Traditionally, spiritual masters used incantations and rituals to bind these spirits to effigies or small statues, which would then become Look Krok. In ancient times, the Look Krok was often used for negative purposes such as causing harm to others or for personal gain without regard for ethics. This was because many of the spirits were believed to be angry and had unfulfilled desires, which made them immensely powerful.

Types and Benefits:

Look Krok can have a variety of qualities, ranging from malevolent to benevolent. The type and characteristics of a Look Krok depend largely on the intentions of the spiritual master who consecrates it, as well as the nature of the spirit involved.

When consecrated by highly spiritually attained masters, Look Krok can be powerful amulets that are used for protection, attracting wealth, or even providing spiritual insights to their owners. Some owners use Look Krok to receive guidance in achieving their goals or obtaining protection against negative energies.

In contrast, a Look Krok consecrated with negative intentions or by someone without spiritual attainment can have malevolent tendencies and may cause harm.

Using Look Krok:

Using a Look Krok requires respect and attentiveness to the spirit residing within it. Owners typically make offerings to the Look Krok, which can include food, beverages, and incense. Regular communication and expressions of gratitude are also common. This is believed to keep the spirit content and willing to provide assistance.

It is important to understand and respect the power and nature of the spirit within the Look Krok. Misuse or disrespect can, according to belief, lead to negative consequences.

Difference between Look Krok and Kumantong:

While both Look Krok and Kumantong are Thai amulets believed to house spirits, there is a significant difference in the nature of the spirits they contain. Kumantong typically involves the spirit of a child and is often seen as more benevolent. On the other hand, Look Krok contains the spirit of an individual who died under tragic or unusual circumstances and can have a broader range of characteristics, from malevolent to benevolent.

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